Monday, March 12, 2012

What's In The Shop?

Good Monday Morning to you.

Today's blog is rather short, I spent some time this weekend learning a new method of creating pendants, and though it did not go as I was in hope it might, I will be trying again.

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had acquired some Sterling Silver plated charms, after sorting through them, I have come up with six pairs of earrings, some are typical, some are unique and all are hand crafted or assembled as the case may be.

As always, items may be found by visiting The Alchemists Vessel.  The pair's title may be found beneath the picture and corresponds to the items on the shop pages as well.

The next item is a Copper bracelet.  One of the oldest metals in use, archeological sites have uncovered copper pieces dating back to 8700 BC, citing Cyprus as one of the major suppliers of Copper in the Ancient World.  Not only was it was an important material for forging Bronze weapons, it was also used for creating jewelry and ritual ornaments.  Reminiscent of the Mediterranean, this copper bracelet was forged from copper wire and disks; antiqued, spun, cut and punched by hand, the exception is the manufactured antiqued Toggle Clasp.  Copper is associated with Aphrodite (Greek) and Venus (Roman), the goddesses of love, copper in its metaphysical meaning, represents love; it has great connectivity and mixes well with other metals and natural gemstones.  Beautiful on its own in this simple Chain Maille weave bracelet.

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