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5 Great Gifts To Give 3/13/12

Good Morning,

It's Tuesday and that means new items and shops to look at and favorite.

So Blue Jewelry has had three of her lovely Cezanne Jewelry Collection pieces in the blog, this is the last one.  I hope some one has taken a look at her lovely abalone jewelry it really is spectacular! 

Cezanne spring abalone shell silver long necklace
 Description: Handmade by Soblue.

Inspired by C├ęzanne‘'s work.

From beautiful and high quality abalone shell pieces. It's rich in colors, it's pure from the nature. it looks like a oil painting, it's stylish. Under the light, it gives amazing reflection which changes the colors.

All the metal parts are from sterling silver.

It goes perfectly with black, white, gray, green...
It's about 66cm long.
In the last two photos please see the bracelet and earrings in set.
Earring sale link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93895061/cezanne-spring-abalone-shell-silver
Bracelet sale link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93894858/cezanne-spring-abalone-shell-silver?ref=v1_other_1

Copyright © Soblue Jewelry 2012 

Passover is coming up, if you are attending a Seder, this would make a lovely gift for the Hostess.  Sue has some wonderful things that would make excellent Thank you gifts.  Perhaps you might find her Matza Holder and Vintage Victorian Style Salt and Pepper Shakers an appropriate gift for the table, perhaps all three would make a splendid gift as a complete set, something for the hostess, something for the Seder table and a lovely every day gift as well.

Hamsa Bracelet in Silver

Description: ♥♥♥♥♥ SOLD SEPARATELY: Blue or Red ♥♥♥♥♥

Gorgeously elegant and very attractive silver Hamsa bracelet that is so unique and one of a kind design.

For those of you who are not familiar with the "Bad Eye" emblem, well, it’s a symbol that’s been around for thousands of years and is believed to protect and shield against the evil eye, generate positive energy, provide good fortune, health, prosperity and happiness.

About 8" long with an added 1" extention. Size can be adjusted per request at no extra charge.




Feel free to contact me with any questions

(She's not yelling, she's just highlighting the important points.) 

Lovebug Wraps

Not just for babies, she has things for Mommies, too.  These are cute, and as someone who has had to go out at 2:00 a.m. to replace a Pacifier, I wish I'd had one of these!  She also offers brand options!  Click through to see them all.

5 Pacifier clips - Special SALE - Check out shop for over 150 to choose from

Description: ***Pay shipping on only 1 item! Buy 10 and it ships for 1!***

For the full selection of pacifier clips check out my shop at:


No more digging through the dipper bag for the spare paci or attempting to reach around in the back seat to retrieve the binky that was thrown on the ground…No more! I vow to sell things in my store that are must haves for all moms and this is definitely a top 5 item. I know, I have 3 with one on the way.

Isn't this adorable, and wouldn't it be cute with a matching Pacifier Clip from the above shop!  New to Etsy, It's Sommertime has some super cute clothes and accessories for boys and girls! 

 Description:  This baby boy onesie would be perfect for Easter. The bowtie is detachable so your little boy can wear it with other shirts if you would like. If you would like a certain color convo me and let me know. It can be made in the following sizes:
3-6 mos.
6-12 mos.
12-24 mos.

This is lovely, realistic and very cute, and there will be a second sculpture in next week's blog as well.  Fantastic, and just adorable as can be, this life-like rabbit would be a wonderful addition to any collectors shelf or make a fabulous decoration for a Baby's Room.

Polymer Clay Bunny Rabbit OOAK Scale Miniature by MagicByLeah

 Description: Brown Bunny Rabbit Miniature Hand Sculpted in Polymer Clay.

This little guy is a OOAK (one of a kind) original, the first in my set of '30 Bunnies for Spring.As with all my work he is 100% handmade by me without the use of any molds. 

He is sculpted from Premo Polymer Clay over a foil and wire internal skeleton. Bunny's features are the result of hours of attention to detail and meticulous labors of love

He was baked to manufacture directions and left to cool slowly in the oven for increased durability. 

He was painted with a mixture of genesis paint mixed with liquid sculpey to ensure that the colors are 'baked in' and will not rub off or fade.  

He stands approximately 3 inches tall (7.5 cm)

Thank you  for stopping by and having a look.


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