Monday, March 19, 2012

New Items in the Shop

Two new items are up for sales this morning.

Unisex Necklace:  Antiqued Bronze jump rings are spun into a version of a Half Persian Chain Maille weave pattern, are connected by a larger ring at the center and a stylized Stag pendant drops from the larger ring.  About 20" in total length including pendant.  This would be great for theme or cos-playing.  Aspiring "King Arthur's" or "Guinevere's",  this is for you!

These are cute, fun, really simple, and will add a splash of bright color to your outfits, and absolutely a must have fashion accessory this Spring and Summer season.  Department stores carry these for $12.99 to $15.99 a pair, we carry our hand made beauties for $5.00!  Natural Shell (surface-dyed) buttons are re-purposed into these adorable, native-chic, and colorful earrings, available in Blue (shown), Pink, Green and Gold (Sunshine Yellow), these are a limited selection item and once they are gone, they are gone.  The wire is wrapped around a mandrel, the button is then positioned and the wire allowed to "relax", the wire is then manipulated by hand to form an organic spiral shape as decoration and to secure the button.  A Fish Hook ear wire is added to complete the pair.  Simple, uncluttered, and a fabulous accent for any Spring or Summer outfit.

Sterling Silver Plated Copper Jewelry Wire and Natural Shell (Blue) Earrings.

Natural Shell Buttons surface dyed in Pink, Light Green, Gold (Sunshine Yellow), the back of the shell is shown in comparison to the dyed surface face.

Thank you for stopping by we would like to wish you a pleasant week.

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