Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In My Studio - It's Dark In Here

Wednesday is here and I am in my studio creating wonderful things.

In a continuing effort to bring variety into the shop, and after several requests for things with a darker theme, I have some fun and spooky things soon to be incorporated into jewelry pieces.

There is only ONE of these available.  Sterling Silver Hinged Jaw Skull Charm. 

We also have a very limited selection of Sterling Silver charms and beads along with a a variety of dyed gemstone carved skull beads.

We also have some some Bats, sterling silver charms for earrings, bracelets, or chain decoration.  Too small to be a focal point, they are very cute and very tiny.

Can't have bats without spiders!  These eight-legged lovelies are more spider than charm, but they are shiny and lend an thread of spookiness to any piece they adorn.

I have several requests for Metaphysical Jewelry, from Healing Bracelets to Ritual Wear and Malas (Prayer Beads) to Rosaries.  We're working on this, but in an effort to keep up with requests we have this Sterling Silver "First Degree" Pendant.

Not pictured:  We also carry Hand-wrapped Clear Quartz Crystal Points, Snowflake Obsidian and Rose Quartz Pendulum / Focal Point points.

That's all for today.  Thank you for stopping in, keep your eye out for completed pieces with these beauties in the shops soon!

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