Monday, March 5, 2012

Do We Have New Items In The Shop?

 Yes we do!

Happy Monday to all.

This morning I have several things to show you.  Many were listed last Friday, and over the weekend as I was editing the other items still available with new and updated shipping information, which may be found at the end of the post.

These attractive bracelets are sturdy, strong and sustainable.  Beautiful Czech Glass beads in a variety of colors grace the edge of this version of a Half Persian pattern Chain Maille bracelet.  Currently available in several birthstone colors.

The Alchemists Vessel is pleased to announce a Preview of

The Alchemists Vessel has a new division, Ravens Nook.  I have been asked for jewelry with darker designs and themes, Skulls, and Zombies and Bats, Oh my!  In response a section has been created specifically for these items.  There are not many up now but here is a look at the some of the of what is available, with more forthcoming.

Howlite Skulls in various dyed colors are made in to earrings featuring Gemstones or Glass beads.

Pyrite Pirate

"Piratey" Earrings - These are a limited item, there are only four pair currently available. 

Iron Kate

We also have Chain Maille and Sterling Silver pieces available.  These items will not be listed on the Etsy shop, they are exclusive to Ravens Nook.

Macabre, Magical and Metaphysical Jewelry

We are pleased and excited to announce that:

Terms are as follows:
1.  All funds will be handled in US Dollars, $US.  ($Aud / Canada Dollar exchange rate may apply)
2.  Shipping will be done via USPS Flat Rate Packages  

Service for Australia is between $16.95 and $19.95, this includes a $1.50 Certificate of Mailing.  
3. Service for Canada is Still being researched. (it is either $12.95 according to USPS or if I can find someone with the correct information perhaps we can ship in bubble mailers for much less)
4.  Certificate of Mailing is not a legal document it is only PROOF of Delivery from The Alchemists Vessel to you.  This does not include "appropriate international shipping packaging" (provided by TAV). 
5.  The Alchemists Vessel will charge a Flat Rate of $20.00 (US) for this service. 
6.  This includes all items up to 4 pounds (US) that fit in a box that is no bigger than: 8" x 5-3/4
" x 1-1/5".  
We can get jewelry in that!
Please Note - It takes 6 to 10 working business days to get your order form the US to Australia and depending on Canadian province 4 to 6 working days.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.   Have a terrific week.

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