Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Announcement

I know, Tuesday's are usually reserved for Five Great Gifts To Give, but it is good to change things up every now and again.  Need to keep you all on your toes.  We will have a gift idea post this week, I promise.

The Alchemists Vessel is pleased to announce that the owner and principle designer, Alixandra, will be returning classes next month.  Always interested in updating her skills, learning about new materials and machines currently out on the gemstone and lapidary jewelry suppliers market, as well as obtaining certification for precious metals, repair, gemstone / metal testing equipment, and general jewelry-smith training.  Also on the list of continued education is lamp-work or glass bead crafting.

Continuing education is an important part of keeping up with today's market.  If one expects to succeed, one must continually polish and up grade their skills and general knowledge of available materials; new, old, and in some cases the new composites currently out on the market.  Current trends and fashion styles may dictate color and components used, they are strong contributors to the creation process, as are new tools, treatments and techniques.  All play a part in creating beautiful, unique, durable and sustainable hand crafted jewelry. 

Costume or Fine, Folk Art or Artisan, adornment / jewelry or other accessories, have been a staple of trade, social interaction and celebrations in many cultures across our world.  The fascination continues today, and there is a certain satisfaction in making something beautiful with your own hands.  Self taught or classroom trained, each hand and eye bring their own flair and sense of balance to a piece.  Sculpture, paintings, landscape, home decor, all have a rhythm and flow that make them work and the same applies to jewelry.  Sparks of light and flashes of color draws the eye, intrigues the observer, and delights the wearer. It appeals to a variety of tastes from bold and bright, to delicate, feminine and understated.  Great jewelry design is always in style and can be worn with a multitude of things and never loses its emphasis or over powers the wearer or outfit.  Jewelry as an accent, can also be the main attraction.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

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