Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chainmaille Ring Tutorial

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Tuesdays are usually put aside for Five Gift Ideas from around the web.  I thought I'd change things up a bit today with a short and simple Chainmaille Ring Tutorial.

Materials listed are for the ring below.  Questions and comments are always welcome.

This makes a European 4-in-1 length of chain with "Speed Maille" instructions for 2-in-1 weaving.


This super simple ring can be made in a variety of metals.
The tutorial project uses Sterling Silver plated over brass jump rings.
Materials make an average US size 7-1/2 to 8  ring.
AR = 2.94
66 + 1 Sterling Silver plated 18g (1.02mm) 3mm (ID) Jump rings
Open 23 jump rings Close 44 jump rings

 1. Place four closed rings on one open ring and close the ring.  
(Here you see two rings added, add two more for a total of four closed rings.)

2. Flip the rings so they lay flat on your work surface.  Like this. 

3. Place two closed rings on one open ring.  (See picture 1)

4.  Slide the open ring down (into) the ring on the bottom, and up (through) the ring on the top.  Close the ring.  

NOTE: It may be easier to weave the open ring through the unit and then add the two closed rings to the open ring, and then close the ring.

Repeat steps three (3) and four (4) until your ring is the required length.  About 2-1/2" long.

Closing the ring:

Slide one open ring down into the bottom ring and up through the top ring.  Form the ring shape around a finger or mandrel so you can hold it steady and bring the opposite side up and around to meet the jump ring.  Slide the jump ring up through the ring on the left and down through the ring on the right.  Close the ring.

Your ring is complete and ready to wear.  

 There is no beginning or end, the circle is continuous.  Amaze your friends with this fun puzzle.  

Makes a very pretty decoration.  Perfect for those that like the look of maille, but do not want to wear a large piece.

Project Note:  For a larger ring continue to follow steps three and four until the desired size is reached.  Check size by measuring around the finger it is to fit, or the correct size on a ring mandrel.  Close the ring as described in the final step of the project.

Material and Project Notes:

AR stands for Aspect Ratio.  This is the number of rings that may fit comfortably or leave enough "wiggle room" when added to another ring.

Wire Gauge:  18g or 1.02mm thick wire.

ID: Interior Diameter - The jump rings were wound on a 3mm mandrel.  The outer diameter of each jump ring is about 6mm. 

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.



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