Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In My Studio - Jump Rings 101

Good Morning,

In an effort to keep things fresh, interesting, and entertaining we are going to try something new today. Upon the suggestion of a friend, I have created a 2:00 minute video on how to open and close a jump ring.  

A staple of all jewelry design and creation, at some point you're going to have to open and close one.  Jump rings are circles of metal wire that have been cut at a specific place to create an "open" ring, the ends are brought together to "close" the ring.  Finishing techniques, like soldering, can seal the cut in the ring to keep it closed permanently.  They can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes including circles (most common), ovals, triangles, or squares, and are not limited to just metal.  Rubber O-rings, Glass, Neoprene, and Gemstone "Doughnuts", as well as other materials can be found in may modern Chain Maille jewelry designs.

A variety of jump rings in Aluminum, Gunmetal, Gold Tone Brass, 
Silver Plated, Copper, very small surfaced dyed copper, and silver plated copper jewelry wire.

For Maille, hand position and movement is very important, it helps to keep the piece from getting marred or work damaged and to keep the Mailler's wrists healthy!  In the video below I attempt to show the correct or proper way to open a jump ring.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave a comment, feedback is always welcome.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Great Gifts to Give 2/28/12

As always Tuesday is gift ideas or suggestions on the blog.  This morning I am a gift short so we have two gifts to give and a two treasuries to look through.  There are three new shops to peruse, too.

Description: Created with vintage antique bronze frame charm pendant and chain.
Very elegant, unique and one of a kind. Custom print and designed with a Hamsa hand for protection, good luck and prosperity.
Necklace is about 18" long but can be adjusted per request with no extra charge.

MGGems created Aquamarine For March Babies a beautiful Treasury collection full of, you guessed it, Aquamarine things for March Birthdays. She has chosen some wonderful items as well.  You'll have to click through for photos, I can't post all 16 here.
Aquamarine Crystal

 The idea behind Treasuries is to showcase your favorite items from around Etsy, promote others, as it were.  The above Treasury includes one of my items and in return I have curated my own list and added an item from MGGems.

Just Mad About Maille is my own list of Chain Maille items from the shops on Etsy, in other words, my competition.  However as each Mailler is unique so too are their pieces.  No two are alike, many of the weave patterns are the same, there is only so much you can do with a jump ring, but what some of those artists do with those jump rings is pretty amazing.
Square Aluminum Twist of Fate Bracelet (from the collection)

Cezanne Spring Abalone  Shell Silver Bracelet Armband

Description:  Handmade by Soblue. 

Inspired by Cézanne‘'s work.

From beautiful and high quality abalone shell pieces. It's rich in colors, it's pure from the nature. it looks like a oil painting, it's stylish. Under the light, it gives amazing reflection which changes the colors.

All the metal parts are from sterling silver.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look, I hope we have inspired you to think outside the Department or Big Box Store for your gift-giving ideas.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Means - What's New in The Shop?

I trust you all had a good weekend.  As always Monday is a look at what has been listed or is currently for sale in the shop.  This morning I am pleased to present five new items.

I am always trying to vary and improve my items and offerings, both jewelry and skills.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say and I enjoy learning new things.  I have spent the last week teaching myself a new Chain Maille weave, intricate, but simple, which is one of the wonderful things about Chain Maille.  This is a wonderful unisex pattern, attractive, powerful, sturdy and strong, and substantial enough for him and can be as casual or as dressy as desired.  Personalization is plus, as this weave can be made in a combination of metal, wire, colors, tones and textures.  The pattern may also be embellished with beads for a more feminine look.  Sultry, slinky and sensuous, the pattern positively slithers across the skin in a smooth silky rope.

Below are the examples of the pieces currently available.  They are all created with 8mm jump rings in various metals.  Slim and sleek, these would be great with a suit at the office for a pop of color, jeans and a t-shirt for a casual outing, or a date night conversation piece (she'll notice).

"Serpentine"  Silver Plated and Gunmetal jump rings snake around the wrist in an alternating pattern.

"Hunter" - Gunmetal and Antiqued Copper jump rings run in continuous links along this dark tone chain.

"Raphael" - Nickle Silver and Antiqued Copper jump rings, twist together to form this bright and masculine pieceNickle silver contains no elemental silver, but is an alloy of 60% Copper, 20% Nickle, and 20% Zinc, sometimes called "German" or "Indian" Silver.  It resembles sterling silver but is grayer in tone.

"Woodsman" - Antiqued Bronze and Copper jump rings flow throughout this chain, evoking thoughts of the forest  in the woodsy toned bracelet.

Last item up is "Ver-Sea-Tile", a Sea-life themed necklace that can be worn several ways, below you see it as it has been assembled.  The Octopus locket may be removed and the charms centered, or the length of beaded chain may be drawn through the clasp to shorten it to choker or collar length.  The large brass flower clasp may worn to the side as a focal point (very fashionable), or in back as desired.

Choker Style

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  Have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Links and Promtions Friday

Happy Friday to you all,

I would like to begin with a brief and simplified explanation for the Free Jewelry Contest Participation / Entry.

Purpose:  To reach 500 likes on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook fan page by March 5, 2012.

1.  Create a post on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook Wall: 
"I am entered in the Free Jewelry Contest".  Click here to post

2.  Click the LIKE button at the top of the The Alchemists Vessel page, if you have not already done so.

3.  Get YOUR friends to click the LIKE button on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook page, AND on YOUR Wall Post for the contest, ask them to leave a comment "Your Name sent me".  That is two clicks and one comment total.  Easy-peasy!

4.  The POST that has the most LIKES / Comments will win the Sterling Silver and Citrine pendant. 

There are second and third place prizes, too!

*NOTE:  Remember you or your friends can hide the feed from the page at any time!  I will never spam, e-mail or other wise contact your friends, no records (except Facebook's archives for the page) will be kept of any names, id's, personal profile or fan pages.

This week I was kind of stuck for links.  And instead of sharing the same old ones I just surfed the web for a while and came up with five interesting if not unique links to be clicked, checked out, surfed, bookmarked or deleted at your leisure.

I love the weird, the odd, the off beat.  "Stumbling" is a great way to find some pretty cool stuff.  Like these realistic Disney Princesses, what if these girls really did exist?  What would they look like?  Click here to find out.

Here is a link to Pearltrees a load screen will appear and you will taken to the home page.  This is another Social Site I am guessing, I have not signed up or created an account, but it looks likes delicious or Pinterest at first glance.  Sellers, Artists and others, perhaps this is worth a look as another venue to share and get your items out to the public.  They are also connected to Faceboook and Twitter and Google (there is a Plus, Google + folks!)

We can't be all business all the time.  That gets boring, so in the spirit of fun and Friday the links below are purely for entertainment value, there isn't a serious one in the bunch!

Warning bright colors follow abruptly from this link Draw on the screen with your mouse.   (Maybe later...)

More fun, run your mouse over the dots (keep going, make them really tiny) to discover something new... Koalas to the max (it's not a Koala, honest!)

And a last bit of entertainment from Deviant Art, a neat little drawing program that you can play with for free or upgrade to a more powerful version.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  We would like to wish you a happy weekend!  Enjoy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Featured Artist - Photographer, Stacey DeBono

I am pleased to present and introduce my personal friend, and fabulous Photographer, Stacey DeBono. 

Stacey has written a brief bio about herself and her work, I have grabbed several of my favorite pictures that capture her amazing and wonderful talent.  Not limited to landscape and nature scenes, she also takes Portraits, and is available for private sittings, public venues and other events.  Contact Stacey if you're in the San Francisco, Bay Area.  Links to her professional pages may be found below.


Photography. Its one of those "catch" words for me. I love it, every single aspect of it, especially vintage type stuff. Capturing images that convey emotion, any emotion, is my goal. I love shooting people (photographically, of course...although I do admit to some feelings of love for shooting people with Nerf guns at times) and capturing subtle nuances of emotion in a contrasting background, with a vintage flair.

I'm Stacey, and Im a City chick, through and through. I've lived and traveled extensively in Europe and California, but I always come back to the Bay. I shoot musicians, bands, and people but specialize in vintage portraits - '40s Hollywood glamour, '60s mod, '70s hippie chick - I love it all.

I'm also working with a few film production companies as a director/dir. of photography and am finding that quite rewarding. I'm opening a new studio March 1 in Oakland where I will be not only creating more vintage portraits with great props, but will be working with some of the best stylists and musicians the Bay has to offer. Exciting things happening in 2012!

You can find Stacey at the links below:

Some of Stacey's Work - 

Home!  San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge


Beach Glass along the Hayward, CA shore.

This is one of my personal favorites of Stacey's shots.  It evokes emotion at a glance, subtle tones of black and white capture the lone, gnarled, and stately tree in a California park.  Simply stunning!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In My Studio - Beads and Baubles

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the new beads and items we have available for creating beautiful things for you!  The Alchemists Vessel specializes in Sterling and Semi-precious gemstone jewelry, but lately has had an in flux of or custom orders asking for glass beads.  I have listened and obeyed!  Greens, Reds Blues, Faceted, Bi-cone, Round, we have a nice selection and are in hope of receiving the Japanese Seed beads soon!

Many of these beads have been purchased per customer request to complete their orders.  Upon completion of the custom orders these beads will begin to appear in many of the pieces created by Alix, The Alchemist, Designer and Owner of The Alchemists Vessel.

 Also available in limited quantities new gemstone and brass beads, along with a brass finding or two.

Precious Metal vs. Jewelry Wire

Many people have asked me why precious metal is so much more expensive than a plated jewelry wire, and why I do not offer ready-made Chain Maille pieces in Gold or Sterling Silver.  Precious metal is just that, precious and it is also more expensive.  Things like copper and brass are more abundant.  The Alchemists Vessel does not determine the price of precious metal; we watch the market for the current price, as it fluctuates, currently Sterling is $34.02 an ounce, and Gold is $1753.44 an ounce.  Sterling Silver is usually available in 5 or 25-foot spools to be spun, soldered, wrapped, and hammered or other wise fashioned into jewelry.  It is common of Gold wire to be "Gold filled" or a brass core with a .15 mm to .25mm outer layer of 14kt gold.  Current Supplier prices are about $90.00 for 25 feet spool for Silver and $150.00 for Gold Filled.  Manufactured jump rings may be purchased, but size cannot be guaranteed as many manufactures measure outer diameter instead of inner diameter, which is used when calculating appropriate jump rings size for Chain Maille.

Precious metal pieces are available per custom order only.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before your work begins.  Pricing works as follows.

We charge per foot of wire. 5 feet of wire makes one pair of earrings, it takes 12” of wire to create a 1” coil from which jump rings cut.  Depending on gauge, Sterling Silver wire is $25.00 (20g) to $45.00 (18g)

A 20 gauge pair of Byzantine Weave earrings in sterling silver would cost, $40.00, $25.00 for wire, $5.00 for findings,  $2.00 for beads, and $8.00 for spinning and assembly.

A Necklace takes about 30 feet of wire, depending on the weave.  It takes about 459 jump rings to create a necklace and earring set, depending on Gauge.  To create on of the “Parures”,  $175.00 for wire, $5.00 for beads, and findings, $100.00 to spin and assemble.  Total cost $280.00.

Necklaces, bracelets, or different weaves require different amounts of wire.  The above Precious Metal prices are quoted from the suppliers catalog. All materials and costs will be discussed prior to ordering the necessary material for your project.  The above is an example of possible cost to the customer, your cost may vary depending on your project.

Jewelry wire is usually copper, either colored (dyed) or tinned (plated) with a thin coating of precious metal.  Sterling Silver Plated copper wire is used in many of our projects and is just as pretty, and an affordable alternative to precious metal pieces.  The wire is plated or surface dyed, and some copper will show through the cuts, this is a mark of a hand made item, and although we try our best to keep these marks to a minimum, they do appear on occasion.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Five Great Gifts To Give

It's Tuesday, and that means we have Five (5) Great Gift ideas for you!  We are pleased to bring you two new Etsy shops, a returning shop and an odd or end here and there.  These gift ideas range from jewelry to Children's Room Decor (and is it ever cute).  

One of the new shops is Lucky Stars Hawaii, with these very cute Devoted 2 U Heart (Swarovski Elements Series) Earring w/Pink Swarovski 8 mm Pearl dangling from Heart Chain - Sterling Silver, are available in the shop now!

 Description: Total length of this adorable earring is about 2 1/4 inches. The Swarovski Devoted 2 U Heart is a stylishly asymmetrical version of the classic shape. All components are sterling silver.

(Blogger's Note:  Valentine's Day may be over, but don't forget, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, or just to say I love you!  These cuties will do the trick!)

Next, another new shop, ThumbAlina Lane with this wonderful Alphabet Animal Silhouettes Art Print.  Brighten your child's room with this fun, colorful print!

Description: This listing is for an 8x10 art print professionally printed to order on heavyweight archival matte paper with high definition archival inks.  
NOTE:  Frame and mat are not included.
**This listing has several options, size and color are just a couple.  Have a look for complete details.

(Blogger's Note Grandparents, new parents, relatives looking for a fun, educational and interactive gift, that doesn't require batteries?  This is the one.  Quality time can be had with your special little one learning the Alphabet, animals and a color or two.  I bet they can be printed in your child's room color scheme!)

Our returning shop is Wire Witchery, with this spectacular Tiger Eye and Garnet Pendulum

Description: This pendulum is made with a highly faceted tiger's eye bead on 18 gauge copper wire. Its accented with two micro-faceted garnets and a copper yarn ball bead. The grabber is a hand twisted spiral of copper and gold colored copper wire with another garnet. 

(Blogger's Note: The unique focal bead is worth giving this a piece a look!)

A new offering from my own shop is this twist on Chain Maille.  Golden Spiral, is crafted from gold tone base metal jump rings, this continuous pattern spirals and twists throughout the bracelet.  Great for men or woman and comes in a variety of metals and jewelry wire, including, sterling silver plated, hypo-allergenic, gunmetal, copper and brass.

Being the crafty woman that I am, I like to hand make gifts sometimes. Not everything needs to be purchased, even though all Etsy gifts are hand made, and the idea is to provide you with unique and purchasable gift ideas, it might be fun to experiment yourself.  Although I am not sure if Cuff Links are in fashion any more, this is a simple, easy, low cost project.  
Check out your local Thrift stores, they are a goldmine of unique and easy-on-the-wallet finds.  Look for a pair of unadorned, plain, flat face Cuff Links, make sure they are a complete set.
Once home, clean them up, if they need it, let them dry thoroughly. 
With a small brush and a paint color of your choice. paint the face of both Cuff Links.
Add a design, his initials, a stencil you find interesting, dots, whatever suits your fancy (ladies, no flowers please).  Keep it small and simple.  Let your pieces dry thoroughly.  With some acrylic spray or brush-on sealer, (Clear Nail polish works in a pinch) lightly coat the surface of your Cuff Link Design (this will protect your design longer).
Once dry find a box, wrap them up and gift them!
(Picture is taken from image search on internet)
NOTE:  This would also make a fun project for the kids with plastic buttons or other things that they might like to personalize.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at some of the beautiful things offered by people from around the web!

Monday, February 20, 2012

What's New in The Shop?

I am sorry to say that there is nothing new in the shop today.  

Last weekend was the Treasure Valley Market, and I was working my booth.  This is an Antique/ Artisan / Flea Market that occurs once a month, beginning in September and running through April.  There are vendors, food, entertainment, Tarot Readers, and of course shopping.

The Alchemists Vessel's booth table (1) and neighbors.

Attendees looking for that something.

We do however have something new for you!  
Currently on The Alchemists Vessel fan page on Facebook, we are running a Free Jewelry Contest. You may see Friday's blog for Rules and Regulations or join us on Facebook.

Friday, February 17, 2012

FREE JEWELRY CONTEST - Friday Links and Promotions

Help The Alchemists Vessel fan page on Facebook reach 500 fans / likes!  We have 61, that's 439 more people needed, and then some would be fabulous!  Below are the Rules and Regulations!  Please read them carefully and I hope you will participate.

Contest Rules and Regs

Starting February 20th, 2012, The Alchemists Vessel will be holding a contest; first prize is a Genuine Citrine and Sterling Silver Pendant, a $50.00 value.  I am trying to reach 500 likes on my fan page.

First Prize: Genuine Citrine and Sterling Silver Pendant (pictured below)

Second Prize: An item or items of choice from The Alchemists Vessel Shop up to $25.00 in value.
(Second Place winner may choose item)

Third Prize: An item or items of choice from The Alchemists Vessel Shop up to $15.00 in value.
(Third Place winner may choose item)


 To Enter:

1. You must click “Attending” on the Event Page, this way I can keep track of who is interested.

2.  If you haven’t already you must click the “Like” button on The Alchemists Vessel facebook page. (Yes, I can see if you have done so).

3. You must post on the Wall of The Alchemists Vessel Page and state that you are entered in the contest for the Genuine Citrine and Sterling Silver Pendant.  You may only post once!   
***You may not enter your contest post on the wall until 
February 20th, 2012, any time will do!  
Start planning that strategy now!

4. To win the Pendant, you must have the most “likes” on your post on The Alchemists Vessel page.
 Here’s how:

Get the word out that you are entered in the contest, post on your wall, tweet your friends, e-mail folks and let them know to click those buttons!

Your friends must click the like button on The Alchemists Vessel page  (remember you can hide the feed from this page at any time, I am after the number / count of 500 Likes).  I will not e-mail, spam or add your friends to a mailing list.

Your friends must click Like on your post and comment with the Phrase “Your Name sent me!”
[i.e.. Alix Browning sent me] or something similar

At the end of the contest, the total count from the participating posts will be tallied and the winners announced on The Alchemists Vessel wall, and messaged privately for shipping information.

On your Marks…
Get set…

Contest ends: March 5th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.  All counts will be taken and the winners announced March 6th, 2012.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Featured Website

Usually on Thursday's I try to feature an artist or something that is unique and interesting.  I would love it if those that read the blog (or just know it exists) would like to participate by sending me bios and links to your products, artworks, jewelry, whatever, and we can feature you and get you out to the masses or at least a new audience!

Today's featured site is a new one that I have come across called "Pinterest".  Many of you that have an Etsy account may have seen the new button "Pin It".  This is a direct link to the Pinterest site, like clicking the F for Like on Facebook or the +1 for Google.

Pinterest in currently an invitation only sign up.  I can invite friends!  If Delicious is for links than Pinterest is for pictures.  Set up like a bulletin or cork-board, you can "pin" things you like on to separate boards, create categories on anything, and save these things on your Pinterest Boards.  You can look at, share and "re-pin" other users finds and boards as well.  I am unsure if you can view the boards without an account, but the link to mine is below.  I just started yesterday so I don't have much "pinned" yet.  If you would like an invitation, please e-mail or leave a comment here. Or follow the link and sign up at the page.  All that is required is an e-mail address.  They do ask that you sign in with Facebook, you cannot, however, directly pin things from Facebook to Pinterest, which is stupid, but that's the way it works.

They do ask that you do not use the boards for self promotion and this where your friends and networking comes in!  You may pin something that you made, sure, but do not use the boards to sell, promote or push yourself, your items or other things down the throats of others.  Get your friends organized, pin each others items, products, whatever to each others boards.  You will not only get views but an entirely new group of people will see your stuff!

So get in there and start pinning!

**NOTE:  Edited by the author the correct site for links is Delicious, not Digg.  I apologize.  All is right now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In My Studio - Charms and Parts

This morning I would like to share some the cool components I use in crafting and creating.  Some are purchased from a local supplier here in town, others were purchased from Pims Supplies on Etsy.  With the market coming up this weekend, production has been put on hold in favor of packing and preparing for the Public!  We have things in the works at the Vessel, never fear!

We have some new Brass components in the studio. Never be afraid to shop your local stores for unique and interesting finds like this brass Octopus Locket with a magnetic closure.  We have several new items with a sea theme.

Some of the cutest charms I have seen for jewelry in a long time are these brass Filigree or latticed Fish / Dolphin charms.  For the Earring Pair "Fishing Gear", soon to be available on Etsy, these were purchased from Pims Supplies.  Her shop has wonderful things!  Give it a look see!

Requested by a friend for a Frog Bracelet, I have found these adorable Sterling Silver Plated Frog Prince charms, and you just know I bought a lot more than one design!  A local supply store find!  Soon to be available in the shop charm bracelets, earrings and perhaps a necklace or two with Swans, and Dragons, and Airplanes, and Frog Princes!

Last but not least in an effort to continue to bring new things to the shop, The Alchemists Vessel will be offering custom Chain Maille watch bands and complete Watches.  First up to be chained will be this one, a Unisex style square watch face.  Stainless Steel with a fresh new battery.

Just a gentle reminder, the Market is this weekend!  5610 Chinden Blvd., at the Fair Grounds, Expo Idaho Building!  Admission is $2.00 at the door, and there are lots of cool booths to check out and shop!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Great Gifts To Give Sites

Instead of listing five great gifts to give, I thought I would list the sites on where to find those five great gifts.

Your favorite and mine Etsy.  Many of you I am sure have seen the big orange square with the letter E.  This is Etsy, a web site full of handmade gift goodness.  They do require an account for buying or selling, but the venue is free!

The Web Site Uncommon Goods has some unique and interesting gifts like this wood tie.

This site "The Best On Line Gift Ideas" is just that, a site that has hundreds of ideas from Gormet Food, Faher's Day, Birhtdays, Anniversary suggestions!  There are hundred of categories to check out!

Findgift is rather like Etsy, categories and a home page full of items to look through or purchase.  The prices seem fairly reasonable as well.

Tip Junkie has a great page full of fun and unique ideas for making a homemade gift all by yourself and sometimes those are the best gifts of all, something from the heart, made with your hands!

Remember the idea of gift giving is that the gift reflects or in some way is a measure of how you feel about the person.  The gift should be something they will like, use or reminds them of you.  Gifts are not about the amount spent, they are about the thought and time the giver has taken to select one.  Buying something from the $1.00 aisle in Wal Mart would do, if it is from the heart and the recipient will like it, just take more than five minutes deciding!

Monday, February 13, 2012

What's New In The Shop? (Photo-packed!)

Today we are going to show case some of the items in the new Shop section: Supplies.  These are de-stash items and quantities are limited.  Check out Wednesday's, 2/15/12, blog "In My Studio" for some of the new inventory and materials we have in stock to create more beautiful things for you!  These items are for sale via the internet only!

These are cute, useful and multi-purpose.  Antiqued Silver Bead Ends / Knot Hiders, these little accent finishers come in three styles, Swirl Pattern and Star Shaped, the third is a smooth ball with a crescent stamped into the side of the metal (not shown).  Add a little secret to your necklace or bracelet clasps.  Great for small gauge Wire, Tiger Tail, and thread, or connecting thread or wire built sections on to chain!!!!


Next we have these wonderful Sterling Silver Zodiac Sign charms, perfect for earrings, necklace or bracelet accents.  All twelve signs are here and stamped 925 on the back.  The set includes all 12 signs, packaged separately in 20 count bags, each bag contains 20 or more jump rings.  That's 240 pieces plus additional materials.  An over purchase, I would like to share at a discounted rate.

Brick red, and rust colors are in this year, and nothing says brick red like Cinnabar.   Styled with Chinese Motifs there is a set of 2 Dragons, 2 Fu Lions and 6 Chinese Character beads.  All are carved on either side and range from 1" to 1-5/8" tall.  Sold individually, why not try pairing them together.  These are sure to make a statement in any piece they adorn.

Cinnabar Dragon pair 1-1/4" x 1-5/8"

Cinnabar Fu Lion pair - 1-1/2" x 1'3/4" - He comes with a buddy!

Chinese Character Rectangular beads

We have one assortment of Glass Leaf-shaped beads left.  Comes in a 12 color variety, and differing counts, not a bag under four leaves.

We also some fun base metal things.  Triangles with a Celtic or mid-eastern feel swirl design and very cute filagree or cut-out heart circular earring findings.  Comes in sets of five and three pair.

I have to save a few surprises for the shop!  Feel free to click on through and see what else is listed.  There are gemstones, red coral (dyed), more silver plated findings to help you create that special piece or bring your jewelry vision to fruition!

Feel free to contact me on Etsy, leave me a comment here, e-mail me via any of the links to the right, visit, "Like" us on Facebook.  Ask me about multiple item and larger lot discounts!  Remember these items are limited to supplies on hand, once they are gone, they are gone!

Thank you for stopping by and having a read.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Friends and Finds

Changing up the blog was a good idea, next week we will return to our scheduled days.  This morning I have some friends work to offer and a link or two.

First up.  Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) prints from American Artist, Allan O. Mudd.  The word giclée is actually a neologism coined by artist Jack Duganne, he wanted a name for the new prints that were being made by IRIS or Ink-Jet Printers.  The term applies to any piece of fine art that is digitally reproduced using computer-generated copies or ink-jet printers.  The word is taken from the french "gicler" - meaning to squirt, spurt or spray.  You may find Allan's offerings by following this link.  Giclee Prints For Sale.  He has two nature prints available, a Tiger and Wolf.


Next is a SUPER AWESOME pair of earrings by Dark Mountain Treasures on Etsy.  These are adorable!  Red Hot Candy Earrings 

I'm sure many of you have seen the button that reads "pin it", this is a new Social Site for your photos, Pinterest.  Sort of like Digg, but apparently you can actually interact, leave messages and notes on the "virtual corkboards" etc.  It is an Invitation only sign up now, you may request an invitation by visiting the link on the home page and clicking the big red box at the top, "Request an  Invitation".  I see all kinds of networking possibilities here!  There is one catch, Pinterest asks that you not use the boards for self-promotion.  If you belong to an Etsy team, are a designer or planner, this might be a place to share a board with clients or friends to promote each other without "spamming" the pin boards.

Networking is so important.  Do you have, a site, project, item that you would like promoted?  E-mail me and we can include you in a post, Great Gifts To Give, Promotions, Links, Featured Artist, let's find a niche posting for you!

And finally a reminder!  The Alchemists Vessel will be attending the February 18th - 19th, Market at the Idaho Expo at the Fair Grounds!  Admission is $2.00.  Food, fun, friends and finds!  All under one roof!  Come on down and say Hi, and check out some of the new inventory!  Next Weekend!