Thursday, December 13, 2012

Featured Artists - Handmade Highlights

Good Morning,

Thursday is here and today's feature really isn't an artist, but artists make them, so that's OK.

Handmade Artists' Shop!I'm sure some of you have shopped Etsy or have a friend that has sent you a "Treasury" full items they like.  A Highlight is just like that.  They can be found on, and are put together by the wonderfully creative and talented folks on the site, shop owners, Forum members, and sometimes buyers.

  Sometimes they are entries to a contest, other times they are created because someone has an urge to share the truly beautiful and always 100% handmade items from other artists and artisans on the site.  They are always fun to look at, and have wonderful and unique things available for purchase.  Whether themed selections or random picks from around the site that have caught someone's interest, they are way to see what's available in a nutshell.

The last Highlight contest was the theme of Cranberry Red and Hunter Green items, pretty specific, and people rose to the occasion and found works by others in those colors.

Some contests are hosted by a shop owner and a prize will be offered, usually an item from their shop sold at a deep discount, or an offer of an item of the winner's choice.  Other contests are hosted by a site offering a spot on their page for promotion, Gift Guides, advertisement or other beneficial "prize".  Competition is fierce, and always friendly.  The Highlights are about promoting and supporting others, the fabulous art, jewelery, candles, home decor, accessories and other goodies that can be found on the site.  Besides they are just fun to make.

Others are just, because, well, Mewes Mountain Arts really likes Snowmen!

Curious?  Want to check out more?  You don't have to be a member, register or anything else to click on through and have a look.

Handmade Highlights

The Alchemists Vessel

Thank you for stopping in and have a look, we hope we have inspired you to take a peek at more of the Highlights.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day. 


  1. Excellent post. Shows the different views that each of us sees.

  2. Love the post, very well written and oh so accurate. Love the highlights on the site .

  3. Great explanation. And I love snowmen too!

  4. and the Highlights are so much easier to make than they are at some other venues - we don't have to wait until there is space open. They are fun to make and fun to look through too! Great post Alix
    Kris aka Reflections

  5. I love looking thru the highlights, especially during a challenge. It's wonderful how many different items others find for their highlights.