Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Studio News - Revamp That Overhaul

Good Morning,

I hope all had a wonderful and joyful Holiday, or at least did something fun and enjoyable.

Over the Holiday I had an opportunity to really take a good look at somethings, assess and re-evaluate them, and make some decisions, and choices about how to move The Alchemists Vessel forward in the coming year.

We will still offer the highest and finest quality materials we can find to create our pieces, however in the interest of quality over quantity, many of the items in the shops will no longer be available on-line.  If there is something in the $10.00 or Less section, get to them now before they disappear.  We will continue to carry the handmade $10.00 and Under line, but inventory will be greatly reduced and no longer a shop section on the sites.

There will be new banners, avatars, and a new design / look to the shops and the website.   Of course, the blog has already been done, nothing really new, but a different design and freshening up never hurt.

There will be new jewelry, designs, materials and we are in hope of ramping up the way custom orders are placed, as well as Design Your Own Dragonscale, and helpful things to get you the item you really want and truly custom made just for you.

I would also like to announce the winner for last weeks Handmade Highlight Contest; Debbi, of Yankeee Burrow Creations Debbi rose the challenge with her terrific Highlight based on the theme "Fly Me To The Moon".

350 views and 16 comments by fellow Handmade Artists members, had Debbi in the lead from the first day of the contest.  This is a wonderful take on the theme, "Fly Me To The Moon, and let me play among the stars..." ~ Frank Sinatra; and Debbi certainly found the stars to play among!

Yes, she did win a prize.  The Alchemists Vessel hosted the contest and put up the prize for the winner.  Debbi will receive this stunning handmade Celtic Visions design, aluminum Chainmaille bracelet, custom made to fit her.  (The one in the photo is mine).

This bracelet showcases the new aluminum rings, natural and anodized that we will be incorporating into our pieces, and purchasing from one of the premier Chanmaille Jewelry and Supply houses in the U.S.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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