Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Great Gifts to Give 2/28/12

As always Tuesday is gift ideas or suggestions on the blog.  This morning I am a gift short so we have two gifts to give and a two treasuries to look through.  There are three new shops to peruse, too.

Description: Created with vintage antique bronze frame charm pendant and chain.
Very elegant, unique and one of a kind. Custom print and designed with a Hamsa hand for protection, good luck and prosperity.
Necklace is about 18" long but can be adjusted per request with no extra charge.

MGGems created Aquamarine For March Babies a beautiful Treasury collection full of, you guessed it, Aquamarine things for March Birthdays. She has chosen some wonderful items as well.  You'll have to click through for photos, I can't post all 16 here.
Aquamarine Crystal

 The idea behind Treasuries is to showcase your favorite items from around Etsy, promote others, as it were.  The above Treasury includes one of my items and in return I have curated my own list and added an item from MGGems.

Just Mad About Maille is my own list of Chain Maille items from the shops on Etsy, in other words, my competition.  However as each Mailler is unique so too are their pieces.  No two are alike, many of the weave patterns are the same, there is only so much you can do with a jump ring, but what some of those artists do with those jump rings is pretty amazing.
Square Aluminum Twist of Fate Bracelet (from the collection)

Cezanne Spring Abalone  Shell Silver Bracelet Armband

Description:  Handmade by Soblue. 

Inspired by Cézanne‘'s work.

From beautiful and high quality abalone shell pieces. It's rich in colors, it's pure from the nature. it looks like a oil painting, it's stylish. Under the light, it gives amazing reflection which changes the colors.

All the metal parts are from sterling silver.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look, I hope we have inspired you to think outside the Department or Big Box Store for your gift-giving ideas.

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