Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Great Gifts To Give Sites

Instead of listing five great gifts to give, I thought I would list the sites on where to find those five great gifts.

Your favorite and mine Etsy.  Many of you I am sure have seen the big orange square with the letter E.  This is Etsy, a web site full of handmade gift goodness.  They do require an account for buying or selling, but the venue is free!

The Web Site Uncommon Goods has some unique and interesting gifts like this wood tie.

This site "The Best On Line Gift Ideas" is just that, a site that has hundreds of ideas from Gormet Food, Faher's Day, Birhtdays, Anniversary suggestions!  There are hundred of categories to check out!

Findgift is rather like Etsy, categories and a home page full of items to look through or purchase.  The prices seem fairly reasonable as well.

Tip Junkie has a great page full of fun and unique ideas for making a homemade gift all by yourself and sometimes those are the best gifts of all, something from the heart, made with your hands!

Remember the idea of gift giving is that the gift reflects or in some way is a measure of how you feel about the person.  The gift should be something they will like, use or reminds them of you.  Gifts are not about the amount spent, they are about the thought and time the giver has taken to select one.  Buying something from the $1.00 aisle in Wal Mart would do, if it is from the heart and the recipient will like it, just take more than five minutes deciding!

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