Thursday, February 23, 2012

Featured Artist - Photographer, Stacey DeBono

I am pleased to present and introduce my personal friend, and fabulous Photographer, Stacey DeBono. 

Stacey has written a brief bio about herself and her work, I have grabbed several of my favorite pictures that capture her amazing and wonderful talent.  Not limited to landscape and nature scenes, she also takes Portraits, and is available for private sittings, public venues and other events.  Contact Stacey if you're in the San Francisco, Bay Area.  Links to her professional pages may be found below.


Photography. Its one of those "catch" words for me. I love it, every single aspect of it, especially vintage type stuff. Capturing images that convey emotion, any emotion, is my goal. I love shooting people (photographically, of course...although I do admit to some feelings of love for shooting people with Nerf guns at times) and capturing subtle nuances of emotion in a contrasting background, with a vintage flair.

I'm Stacey, and Im a City chick, through and through. I've lived and traveled extensively in Europe and California, but I always come back to the Bay. I shoot musicians, bands, and people but specialize in vintage portraits - '40s Hollywood glamour, '60s mod, '70s hippie chick - I love it all.

I'm also working with a few film production companies as a director/dir. of photography and am finding that quite rewarding. I'm opening a new studio March 1 in Oakland where I will be not only creating more vintage portraits with great props, but will be working with some of the best stylists and musicians the Bay has to offer. Exciting things happening in 2012!

You can find Stacey at the links below:

Some of Stacey's Work - 

Home!  San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge


Beach Glass along the Hayward, CA shore.

This is one of my personal favorites of Stacey's shots.  It evokes emotion at a glance, subtle tones of black and white capture the lone, gnarled, and stately tree in a California park.  Simply stunning!

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  1. !!! I didnt see this til JUST now!!! Alix, you rock...thank you so much :))))