Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Means - What's New in The Shop?

I trust you all had a good weekend.  As always Monday is a look at what has been listed or is currently for sale in the shop.  This morning I am pleased to present five new items.

I am always trying to vary and improve my items and offerings, both jewelry and skills.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say and I enjoy learning new things.  I have spent the last week teaching myself a new Chain Maille weave, intricate, but simple, which is one of the wonderful things about Chain Maille.  This is a wonderful unisex pattern, attractive, powerful, sturdy and strong, and substantial enough for him and can be as casual or as dressy as desired.  Personalization is plus, as this weave can be made in a combination of metal, wire, colors, tones and textures.  The pattern may also be embellished with beads for a more feminine look.  Sultry, slinky and sensuous, the pattern positively slithers across the skin in a smooth silky rope.

Below are the examples of the pieces currently available.  They are all created with 8mm jump rings in various metals.  Slim and sleek, these would be great with a suit at the office for a pop of color, jeans and a t-shirt for a casual outing, or a date night conversation piece (she'll notice).

"Serpentine"  Silver Plated and Gunmetal jump rings snake around the wrist in an alternating pattern.

"Hunter" - Gunmetal and Antiqued Copper jump rings run in continuous links along this dark tone chain.

"Raphael" - Nickle Silver and Antiqued Copper jump rings, twist together to form this bright and masculine pieceNickle silver contains no elemental silver, but is an alloy of 60% Copper, 20% Nickle, and 20% Zinc, sometimes called "German" or "Indian" Silver.  It resembles sterling silver but is grayer in tone.

"Woodsman" - Antiqued Bronze and Copper jump rings flow throughout this chain, evoking thoughts of the forest  in the woodsy toned bracelet.

Last item up is "Ver-Sea-Tile", a Sea-life themed necklace that can be worn several ways, below you see it as it has been assembled.  The Octopus locket may be removed and the charms centered, or the length of beaded chain may be drawn through the clasp to shorten it to choker or collar length.  The large brass flower clasp may worn to the side as a focal point (very fashionable), or in back as desired.

Choker Style

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  Have a wonderful day.

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