Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Featured Website

Usually on Thursday's I try to feature an artist or something that is unique and interesting.  I would love it if those that read the blog (or just know it exists) would like to participate by sending me bios and links to your products, artworks, jewelry, whatever, and we can feature you and get you out to the masses or at least a new audience!

Today's featured site is a new one that I have come across called "Pinterest".  Many of you that have an Etsy account may have seen the new button "Pin It".  This is a direct link to the Pinterest site, like clicking the F for Like on Facebook or the +1 for Google.

Pinterest in currently an invitation only sign up.  I can invite friends!  If Delicious is for links than Pinterest is for pictures.  Set up like a bulletin or cork-board, you can "pin" things you like on to separate boards, create categories on anything, and save these things on your Pinterest Boards.  You can look at, share and "re-pin" other users finds and boards as well.  I am unsure if you can view the boards without an account, but the link to mine is below.  I just started yesterday so I don't have much "pinned" yet.  If you would like an invitation, please e-mail or leave a comment here. Or follow the link and sign up at the page.  All that is required is an e-mail address.  They do ask that you sign in with Facebook, you cannot, however, directly pin things from Facebook to Pinterest, which is stupid, but that's the way it works.

They do ask that you do not use the boards for self promotion and this where your friends and networking comes in!  You may pin something that you made, sure, but do not use the boards to sell, promote or push yourself, your items or other things down the throats of others.  Get your friends organized, pin each others items, products, whatever to each others boards.  You will not only get views but an entirely new group of people will see your stuff!

So get in there and start pinning!

**NOTE:  Edited by the author the correct site for links is Delicious, not Digg.  I apologize.  All is right now.

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