Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Friends and Finds

Changing up the blog was a good idea, next week we will return to our scheduled days.  This morning I have some friends work to offer and a link or two.

First up.  Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) prints from American Artist, Allan O. Mudd.  The word giclée is actually a neologism coined by artist Jack Duganne, he wanted a name for the new prints that were being made by IRIS or Ink-Jet Printers.  The term applies to any piece of fine art that is digitally reproduced using computer-generated copies or ink-jet printers.  The word is taken from the french "gicler" - meaning to squirt, spurt or spray.  You may find Allan's offerings by following this link.  Giclee Prints For Sale.  He has two nature prints available, a Tiger and Wolf.


Next is a SUPER AWESOME pair of earrings by Dark Mountain Treasures on Etsy.  These are adorable!  Red Hot Candy Earrings 

I'm sure many of you have seen the button that reads "pin it", this is a new Social Site for your photos, Pinterest.  Sort of like Digg, but apparently you can actually interact, leave messages and notes on the "virtual corkboards" etc.  It is an Invitation only sign up now, you may request an invitation by visiting the link on the home page and clicking the big red box at the top, "Request an  Invitation".  I see all kinds of networking possibilities here!  There is one catch, Pinterest asks that you not use the boards for self-promotion.  If you belong to an Etsy team, are a designer or planner, this might be a place to share a board with clients or friends to promote each other without "spamming" the pin boards.

Networking is so important.  Do you have, a site, project, item that you would like promoted?  E-mail me and we can include you in a post, Great Gifts To Give, Promotions, Links, Featured Artist, let's find a niche posting for you!

And finally a reminder!  The Alchemists Vessel will be attending the February 18th - 19th, Market at the Idaho Expo at the Fair Grounds!  Admission is $2.00.  Food, fun, friends and finds!  All under one roof!  Come on down and say Hi, and check out some of the new inventory!  Next Weekend!

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