Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Get Those Five Great Gifts For Giving

For the last month or so, every Tuesday I have posted links to either  my own offerings around the web or other items for sale by fellow artists and artisans.  It has been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in explaining exactly how to acquire the items that are linked in the posts.

 I am guessing that many of you either have an Etsy account, whether Buyer or Seller, or you have seen the logo, the big orange square with the letter E.  This is Etsy, as a friend once quipped, "it's like the world's garage sale."  Etsy is actually a venue, not a service, that brings Artists, Artisans, Craft-people and Professionals together in a central location allowing them to sell their wares and communicate with each other as well as reaching new customers, fans, and making those all important networking connections and opportunities.  Etsy is free!  However you must register for an account if you wish to buy or sell on the venue's site, again registration is free, but a credit card or a debit card with the Master Card or Visa logo is required to sign up.  The card will never be charged, Etsy is free.  They make their money from Vendor listings and percentage takes from sales.

Other People's listings and shared links are provided by the Artist or vendor, and posted with their permission.  These people either have an Etsy shop, a website or page and all are account holders on Facebook.  The link to the item is provided and may be clicked on to carry you through to the item's page or description.  Many of the Artist / Vendors welcome e-mails and will readily answer questions in regards to custom orders, payment methods, or general questions about the item of interest.  No solicitations please.

Alternatives to Etsy:

If you don't want or would prefer not to register / sign up for yet another internet account there are alternatives!

E-Mail: Ask what other ordering or payment arrangements might be made.  "Contact Us" buttons and e-mail addresses aren't just window dressing, they are meant to be used!  Don't be detoured because of the "Buy Now" button.  Many vendors will work with a customer to provide the best payment option for them.

Snail Mail:  The United States Postal Service is still open, operational and ready to take your envelope to its destination!  The Alchemists Vessel accepts personal, electronic or cashiers checks or money orders via USPS.  It is also how your items will be delivered to you!  Don't forget those brave men and women in light blue who trudge through rain, sleet, and snow to bring you your mail!  They are useful!

Phone: The Alchemists Vessel is pleased to announce that we will have a Toll Free Customer Service phone number up and running soon!  If your chosen vendor (seller) has a contact phone number listed give them a call during their hours of operation.

We are happy and excited to bring you a new service!  TAV, The Alchemists Vessel, is now capable of processing your ATM or Credit Cards, either over the phone or at the local markets and venues.  No cell phones or e-mails to contend with, we have a real Slide Imprinter and your receipt will be provided to you right on the spot!  How convenient and easy!

Thank you for stopping by and reading or just having a brief look.  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via any of the links to the right.

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