Friday, February 24, 2012

Links and Promtions Friday

Happy Friday to you all,

I would like to begin with a brief and simplified explanation for the Free Jewelry Contest Participation / Entry.

Purpose:  To reach 500 likes on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook fan page by March 5, 2012.

1.  Create a post on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook Wall: 
"I am entered in the Free Jewelry Contest".  Click here to post

2.  Click the LIKE button at the top of the The Alchemists Vessel page, if you have not already done so.

3.  Get YOUR friends to click the LIKE button on The Alchemists Vessel Facebook page, AND on YOUR Wall Post for the contest, ask them to leave a comment "Your Name sent me".  That is two clicks and one comment total.  Easy-peasy!

4.  The POST that has the most LIKES / Comments will win the Sterling Silver and Citrine pendant. 

There are second and third place prizes, too!

*NOTE:  Remember you or your friends can hide the feed from the page at any time!  I will never spam, e-mail or other wise contact your friends, no records (except Facebook's archives for the page) will be kept of any names, id's, personal profile or fan pages.

This week I was kind of stuck for links.  And instead of sharing the same old ones I just surfed the web for a while and came up with five interesting if not unique links to be clicked, checked out, surfed, bookmarked or deleted at your leisure.

I love the weird, the odd, the off beat.  "Stumbling" is a great way to find some pretty cool stuff.  Like these realistic Disney Princesses, what if these girls really did exist?  What would they look like?  Click here to find out.

Here is a link to Pearltrees a load screen will appear and you will taken to the home page.  This is another Social Site I am guessing, I have not signed up or created an account, but it looks likes delicious or Pinterest at first glance.  Sellers, Artists and others, perhaps this is worth a look as another venue to share and get your items out to the public.  They are also connected to Faceboook and Twitter and Google (there is a Plus, Google + folks!)

We can't be all business all the time.  That gets boring, so in the spirit of fun and Friday the links below are purely for entertainment value, there isn't a serious one in the bunch!

Warning bright colors follow abruptly from this link Draw on the screen with your mouse.   (Maybe later...)

More fun, run your mouse over the dots (keep going, make them really tiny) to discover something new... Koalas to the max (it's not a Koala, honest!)

And a last bit of entertainment from Deviant Art, a neat little drawing program that you can play with for free or upgrade to a more powerful version.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  We would like to wish you a happy weekend!  Enjoy.

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