Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My Studio - Parures

I have been busy working on several new pieces for the store and reacquainting myself with soldiering and the various processes thereof, and remember now why I do not make those things any more! 

First up from the Work table are two Chain Maille parures.  What's a parure?  It is a matching set or suite of jewelry, usually including a necklace, earrings, sometimes a ring or  a bracelet is part of the set as well.  I just really like that word!

This is "Pink Parure" for lack of a better name or term.  Silver Grey colored Copper wire is  hand spun and cut (the copper does show through the cuts if scrutinized long enough), jump rings are linked together to form a 16" length of Chain, additional jump rings are added for the decorative drops that form little points ending in a pretty and very pink glass bead.  Woven in a "Speed Maille" version of European 4 in 1 traditional weave.  This is an open pattern.

Matching earrings are are created from the same coil of Silver Grey Copper wire, and are formed in the traditional European 4 in 1 Weave closed pattern.  They are created on a Horizontal line, the necklace is created on a Vertical line.  The Earrings mimic the drops of the necklace.

This is the same pattern as above, with a very different look.  Created in Gunmetal Wire jump rings, it has a monochromatic appeal as the silver glass beads match the wire nicely.  Not black, a very deep steel blue color with a high sheen.  Finished with a manufactured toggle clasp in the shape of a heart.

The earrings (as above) mimic and match the choker / collar wonderfully.

Last but not least is this "Upcycled" pendant.  Created with Citrine both faceted and natural gemstones, and sterling silver wire, the piece was built up and added to from the manufactured bail that I believe is also Sterling Silver but not stamped (and not all 925  items are stamped).  Pretty, interesting, or pretty interesting, I think it resembles an insect of sorts.  This is the only piece available!  $50.00, soon to be available on

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