Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Five Great Gifts to Give

Since it is the end of the month, I thought it might be fun to recap what was on the List this month just in case you missed something.  A featured item "Woodland Witch" Pendulum from Sarah Shannon of Wire Witchery sold and it was on the very first blog of 5 Great Gifts to Give.  Networking works!

From Dark Mountain Treasures - Elvish Necklace

From Green Witch Designs:

From Studio RGC and very dear friend, these are sold through Dark Djinn Designs on Etsy, these are incredible and highly detailed!  While you're there check out the Tie-Dyed Clothing from the Host Shop!
Bone Burner - Incense Burner

Zombie Heads!  I just love these and should ask for a life size replacement for my own.

The Brick Boutique offers some terrific knit things, like this lovely warm Blue Scarf.
Purple Passion - A Treasury of items on Etsy and curated by The Brick Boutique.  Everything is purple!  I am honored to be included in  this collection.
American Artist, and my friend Allan O. Mudd, has started to offer Giclee Prints of his art work.  You'll have to contact Allan on Facebook, via the link below. It will take you to the photo album.  The first print is a Tiger's Eye.

And there is always great stuff at The Alchemists Vessel
This bracelet is One-of-A-Kind and is available through February 20th!  Love Chain

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