Monday, January 30, 2012

What's New In The Shop?

This morning we have a couple of new items to show you and a rather neat announcement.  Sterling Silver Charm earrings and a new Chain Maille pattern in different colors of wire.

These are very cute.  Sterling Silver Flower Charm earrings with Malachite and Azurite or Lapiz Lazuli beads.  Only two pair available!

We also have Sterling Silver Feathers, here they are shown with a very pretty green stone, Chrysocolla.

One of my favorite animals is the turtle.  This adorable little charm is attached to Malachite and Azurite beads, these resemble the Earth, according to my friend's daughter Bri.  In some cultural myths, a Turtle carries the world on his back.

These items will be listed in the store by this afternoon.

Available February 1, 2012, are these fascinating Chain Maille Parures.  But Alix, what's a Par... a Paru... it's OK, I can't say it either.  A Parure consists of various matching pieces of Jewelry, earrings and a necklace or bracelet, in some cases a ring.  In actual terms it is an entire wardrobe or suite of jewelry.  Women wore them to denote their stations.  No woman would be caught without a complete jewelry ensemble to match their clothing wardrobe.

These earrings are created from Hypo-Allergenic jump rings and purple glass beads, in a "closed" European weave.  They have a matching necklace, but I do not have a photo.

This is the same pattern created in Gold tone metal jump rings with gold glass beads.

I hope to take pictures of their matching necklaces today and have them all listed by tomorrow.  There is one more set in this collection, but I am leaving that as a surprise!


In an effort to keep things consolidated, I will be closing several of the pages around the web in favor of a website,  Still have some of the kinks to iron out, but we hope to have the new site up by mid-February.

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