Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Great Gifts To Give

Every Tuesday five great gift ideas from around the web are posted here.  This week we have a new shop to introduce and a favorite shop or two returning to the list.  Click the title of the item to be taken to the page or shop where it is located.

Magic Dragon Earrings from Shelly Moody of Green Witch Designs.  These cute little guys swing from your ears perhaps whispering words of dragon wisdom as they accompany you throughout your day!

Sapphire Blue Cowl Knit Scarf from the Brick Boutique, a new shop on Etsy.  Take a look at some of the other fabulous hand knitted items!  It's cold out there, and what a lovely gift of warmth!

Terry Toeman Glows in the Dark!  From Studio RGC and sold through Etsy.  I love these little collectibles, I want them all!  At 3" tall these are highly detailed, a ton of fun to look at and discover all the nooks and brains and spines... A truly unique addition to any shelf!  I'll say it again, this one GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Mini Rotary Cutter - Youtube video.  I love it when people come up with stuff that I can use and share!  From Clover the mini rotary cutter can be used for sewing, yarn, clays, well anything that needs to be cut really. Follow the link for the video / picture of the cutter.

Tribbles Last but not least, my Geek is showing!  That's right, it does indeed read "Tribbles".  These are interactive puffballs, toys, created to look and act like the Tribbles on the TV Show Star Trek.  I want one!

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