Monday, January 23, 2012

What's New In The Shop?


I am so excited to exhibit these new items.  The Alchemist has been busy creating earrings and other jewelry themed especially for Valentine’s Day.  Oh yes, for those that think she sits idly by, nay, I say, the efforts of her joyful labor can be seen below!  Limited edition heart charms with pink or red stones or glass beads are the production order of the day!  We also have a One-of-A-Kind Heart Charm bracelet with genuine natural Garnet beads!  Garnet is the stone of romantic, passionate love and fidelity; it was often set in Victorian weddings rings as a symbol of loyalty and love.  We also have super cute and kitschy heart charms, sterling silver, 3-D puffed hearts, winged hearts, and cute little heart lock charms!  And I am absolutely thrilled to introduce a totally new item!  Gemstone Stretch Bracelets!  There are only twelve (12) available now, but never fear we have more stringing planned and more stone selection on the way!  Requests and custom orders are always welcome!

Remember these select heart charm items are only available for a short time and limited to what you see available at the shop!  Get yours before they’re gone!

A quick note about TAV Blog, it will be revamped a little bit.  Thursdays will be devoted to various and numerous things!  This Thursday we are going to have a very long look at Birthstones.  Not so long as to bore you (I hope), but may be you’ll find something new and interesting!  Comments are always appreciated and welcome.  Let me know if I am boring you to death or if this remotely interesting.  What are you looking for?  Is there a link or a site you’d like to see promoted or featured on the blog?  Networking is important!  Drop me an e-mail, I am always open to ideas and discussion!

Now what you came in here to see! The new items! 

3-Dimensional Sterling Silver Puffed Heart Charms and various gemstones.

Sterling Silver Heart Lock Charms These are flat and one sided.

3-Dimensional silver base metal winged hearts and various stones and glass beads.  Only two more pair will be made!  Five available!

Sterling Silver Double Sided 3-Dimensional "Love" Heart charms and genuine natural Garnet, in a flat oval coin shape, repeat and flow from one to another to create this cute and charming bracelet.

Gemstone Stretch Bracelets.  These are strung by hand on stretchy elastic cord specifically designed for jewelry making.  They vary from 7" to 8" and have sterling silver plated (over brass) spacer beads, come in a variety of single or multiple stone combinations.  Don't see your favorite?  We have more on the way, and requests are always welcome.  For men or women.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

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