Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Five Great Gifts To Give

It my pleasure to present Five (5) Great Artists and Artisans and a peek into what they have to offer.  All gift ideas below may be found on Etsy.  Prices vary and everything is hand made.  Click on the title of the item to be taken to its page.
In no particular order:

Dark Mountain Treasures - Elvish Necklace
This beauty is hand crafted by the owner / designer, Zain Orion.  A fan of bead work?  This is the piece for you!

The Bone Burner from Sculptor and Mold Master, Ralph Cordero.  A fabulous piece, done in resin, this highly detailed piece is a Cone Incense Burner, and a fun and eclectic addition to any collection.  I want one!

Glass Stitch MarkersFrom Green Witch Designs Owner, Shelly Moody'sThese cute and off-beat glass beads make for a terrific set of stitch markers for knitting or crochet projects.  This set fits up to US Size 8 (5.0mm) needles.

 Woodland Witch Pendulum by Sarah Shannon of Wire Witchery. Hand wrapped crystals and beads hang from a length of chain perfect for window hanging or a touch stone for your pocket.  The birds nest is my favorite link in the chain.

 Maiden Fair style chain maille earrings, a staple of The Alchemists Vessel.  Cute, light weight, and affordable these pretties come in several wire choices and a myriad of beads.  Below are a pair consisting of Chrysocolla beads and Sterling Silver Plated Copper wire.  Perfect for the Princess in Training or the Damsel not so in Distress.

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