Thursday, January 5, 2012

Materials List

Please find below a complete list of all of our materials used in the creation of The Alchemists  Vessel pieces or custom orders.  We are always happy to order that special something and design / create a piece just for you.  Currently in stock and available, but not limited too:

Agates: Black, Blue Lace, Botswana, Golden Leaf and Red - traditionally June's Birthstone;
Amazonite (Aqua, a variety of feldspar);
Amber (tree resin);
Amethyst, February's Birthstone;
Aquamarine - limited quantities, March's Birthstone;
Aventurine (also called "Indian Jade");
Black Stone; a natural black agate
Camostone (a jasper);
Carnelian - an alternate June Birthstone;
Chrysocolla; copper silicate mineral
Citrine - an alternative to November Birthstone;
Garnet - January's Birthstone;
Hematite (limited quantities);
Jasper, Brecciated, Red, Fancy, and Picture, Green and Sapphire "Australian Jasper";
Jet (a type of coal - Lignite);
Lapis Lazuli;
Onyx (black)
Pearls (Fresh water) - A Birthstone for June,
Pietersite (a rare form of Tiger Eye);
Pyrite (limited quantities);
Quartz: Clear, Rose and Snow;
Rhodonite (The official stone of Oregon);
Snowflake Obsidian (Volcanic glass);
Tiger Eye;
Topaz - limited quantities (white only) November Birthstone
Tourmaline - limited quantities - alternate / traditional October Birthstone
Turquoise -  December Birthstone;
Unakite (a variety of jasper found in N. Carolina).
Zoesite with Ruby (this is a green stone from Australia with natural ruby inclusions over the surface of the stone). Ruby is July's Birthstone

*Sterling Silver (925),
Nickle Silver (also called German or Indian Silver)
Liquid Silver Tubes (Twisted and Straight) limited quantities.
Copper (Bright and Antiqued),
Silver-plated (usually over brass or copper),
Hypo-allergenic metal for sensitive ears,
"Gunmetal" wire, 
Red Brass also called "Merlin's Gold"
Dyed copper jewelry / craft wire findings.
*NOTE:  Sterling Silver custom orders will require a 50% deposit.  Precious Metal prices fluctuate and we try to purchase our items when it is at a lower cost. Please be prepared for sticker shock, currently silver is hovering around $35.00 an ounce, that is what a paperclip weighs. 

Example: Sterling Silver "Maiden Fair" earrings are $25.00 a pair.

Beads / stones and findings may be ordered to suit your needs if we do not list your choice above.
Please e-mail us if you have questions or are curious about the custom order / design process.

We also make metaphysical pieces for specific needs.

The Alchemists Vessel.

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