Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Changes Are Coming


That's right changes are coming to the blog and to The Alchemists Vessel sites all over the web.  We still have absolutely fabulous jewelry to choose from and new items are on the way, we are hoping to expand our lines and create additional items for Men and Teens.
Changes are also coming to the blog!  There will be Monday through Friday Posts, *Guest Bloggers, and of course pictures!

Mondays: "What's New in the Shop".  Expect posts of new items and materials and links to those listings.

Tuesdays:  "5 Great Gift Ideas", maybe not all from Etsy, but Etsy Shops will certainly be featured!  Not only will this be fun, but I get to cruise the web for cool stuff.  Readers, please feel free to comment and post your own gift ideas and always please feel free to share!

Wednesdays:  In My Studio: I will try to post pictures and progress shots of current and past projects, along with short explanations of what is currently on the work bench, um dining table.

Thursdays: Interviews and Miscellaneous.  I hope to feature Etsy sellers, Facebook friends and other talented artists and crafts people I have the pleasure of meeting either over the net or in real life.

Fridays: Links and Promotions. Not only will I will be providing links to my own shop and promotions but other sites and shops as well.

*Would you like to be a Guest Blogger?  A Featured Etsy Shop Interview?  How about that item you are trying to sell?  Please leave a comment here I will get in touch with you.  Or follow the links to the menu sidebar at your right for Facebook or Google pages and send me a message, I can be reached any number of ways!

Watch this blog, we begin the new and improved blog next week, January 9th, 2012!

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