Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Box, Inca Puno, Queen's Chain Tutorial

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Today we feature a How To for a simple chainmaille weave.  I have seen this weave in many different places and it is always called one of three names by the mailler: Box, Inca Puno or Queen's Chain.

The end result is a square or box-like chain.

Let's begin with materials.  I have used multicolored aluminum jump rings available at most craft stores.  I use them for practice and demonstration, I would not recommend them for a finished project.  They are about 16 gauge with a 10mm outer diameter by Darice. (Purchased at Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft Stores)

NOTE:  Three different colors of rings have been used for demonstration purposes and in hopes of illustrating the written instruction.  Single color rings may also be used.
Open 54 jump rings  
18 Pink  
18 Blue  
18 Green
2. Close two rings. (Pink)
3. Place two closed on a twist tie or piece of scrap wire.  

Step 3

4. Slide an open ring (Blue) through the two closed rings, close the ring. 

Step 4

5. Add one more open ring (Blue) to the rings.


Your chain should now look like this.

6.  Add two more open rings (Green) to the Blue rings.

Your unit has six rings and looks like this.

Here comes the tricky part.

7.  Pick up the unit and fold the last two rings (green) down and back against the rings below them (pink), one on either side of the chain.  This will form a Triangle shape.

Step 7

8.  Gently push the folded rings forward. Until they touch the rings in front of them.  It will look like this.

Step 8

 9.  Separate the last pair of rings (blue) to create an "eye".  Turn the unit 1/4 turn.

Step 9, separate the rings
1/4 Turn - The space is the "eye"

10.  Slide an open ring (Pink) through the eye, capturing the inside pair of rings (Green) and close it.   

Step 10
Close the ring in Step 10

11. Repeat step 10.

Slide second ring through the eye next to the first ring

Step 11 close the second ring

Your unit should now look like this.
Pink rings "lock" the unit into place, creating the first "knot".

12.  Slide an open jump ring (Blue) through the last two rings (pink) added.

Step 12
13. Repeat step 12.

Step 12 complete

*Repeat steps 7 - 13 to complete the chain.

Fold blue rings back

Repeat step 7 - Blue Rings are folded OVER the pink rings and back against the blue rings.  One on either side of the chain.
Push blue rings forward and rotate 1/4 turn

 Add a Green ring.

Repeat step 10
and close the ring.

 One more time.

Continue adding pairs of rings until your chain reaches the desired length.  The ring count here should make for nice length of chain to get the hang of the weave.

Five "knots" completed

The last rings added (Green) will finish the chain's last knot, and lock the units into place.

This makes very pretty jewelry, or a key-chain or purse fob decoration.

We hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial.

Thank you for stopping and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

**Instructions taken from In Chains, a forthcoming e-book authored by Alixandra Browning of The Alchemists Vessel.  Follow the link for the blog (Chainmailled) in progress.

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