Friday, November 28, 2014

Shop Small Handmade

Good Morning,

Today's gentle reminder is to shop your local and other small business for your holiday and gift giving needs.

Checkout these sites for great unique handmade items.

Handmade Artists
The CraftStar

Shop with us via the links below.

The Alchemists Vessel-  Etsy

The Alchemists Vessel - The CraftStar

The Alchemists Vessel's shop on Handmade Artists is currently in vacation mode.

Please feel free to contact us here on the blog or via our handy e-mail:

Questions, comments, design ideas, we like them all.

You may also shop with us directly from this blog or our website.

Blog: Click the the Tab "Shop Square Market" at the top of this page, give the page a moment to load and you can shop a limited selection of our most popular items and One-Of-A-Kind Artisan pieces.  

Website:  Give the pages a perusal, see what we're all about.  You may find us at

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

Encouraging you to shop small whether it be with us or your favorite small business.

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