Friday, January 27, 2012

Links and Promotion Friday!

Since yesterday's blog was dry and long let's have a little color and fun today.  Below are several links to sites around the web. And I promise to keep the commentary down to a minimum this post.

On FaceBook: People and Pages

Around the Web:

Dark Mountain Treasures - This is the Website that features my friend's, Zain Orion, Jewlery, which is fun, eclectic, exciting, a little off beat, and truly original.   Her "Violet Coil" bracelet shown below and available for purchase in other colors.  Visit the site for more details.

Google Tricks - I have never gotten any of these to work


For blog readers only! Now through February 20th, when you enter the Coupon Code LOVEYDOVEY (that's one word ) in the Etsy shop you will received 10% off your total purchase price on ANY ITEM in the store.  Any item, public promotion is for any Valentine's Day themed item, for Blog readers it is ANY ITEM listed in the shop!  The Alchemists Vessel on Etsy

Do you have a shop, page, place, link or other site or item you would like to see featured on Links and Promotions Friday?  Leave me a comment, message or other communique and I will be happy to post it or at least discuss which day would be best to share your link, site, page etc...

Have a wonderful weekend.  For the Entrepreneur's work is never done!

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