Friday, January 20, 2012

Links and Promotions

Happy Friday to one and all.  This morning I offer  two things to check out and a promotion for you as well.

I work with various metals, and some are hard some are very soft, and some metals are just too soft, with a melting point of 85 degrees, Gallium melts in your hands, but please don't lick your fingers! Non-toxic, this cool element metal will pool in to a liquid when held.  It returns to a solid piece after a while, and can be used to make mirrors or other reflective surfaces, among other uses.  Gallium Metal

I order most of my supplies from Fire Mountain in Oregon.  On occasion they will feature a project.  It is impolite to dismiss another's work, but it is wonderful to study another's work as well to see what you can learn from their mistakes, lessons or tutorials on how to do things.  Queen's Maille , this is a brief how to for the "Inca Puna" weave, called "Queen's Link" by Fire Mountain.  The photo below is from the website, it is the finished project.

Last but not least is the a promotion from The Alchemists Vessel.  For blog readers only!  When you enter the coupon code LOVEYDOVEY you'll receive 10% off your order now through February 20th on any item in the shop!  Currently featuring Red and Pink gemstone and glass Valentine's Day themed jewelry.

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