Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Links, Promotions and Facebook


Friday is here!  Happy Day!  Today's blog is packed with links and pictures and a look at the new Facebook Time Line for Fan or Business pages.  Some of you may have read the post on the new Etsy Theme Shop application that Facebook has rolled out, and we'll get you the link for that, too.  If you're an Etsy Shop owner click on through and check it out.  I know many users are unhappy about the constant changes that Facebook forces on the site and people's profiles.  This isn't so bad, really, it just takes a minute to get used to, once you have discovered where they have hidden things, you'll be cruising the pages like a pro again in no time.

Let's take a look at the Header first.

The large photo at the top is called the Cover.  You may change this picture at any time by clicking on it.  Your Cover Photos will be stored in the Photo Albums of the page automatically.

Next up, the new Link Buttons, this is where you can place the applications you like, such as Events, Photos, Notes, Maps, Favorite Games, etc... 

This area is also where your new Etsy Theme Shop Button goes.  Mine can be found at the right hand top of the row.  If you would like to have the app for your Etsy Shop you can follow this link: Etsy Theme Shop App

If you would like to see what a Shop looks like before clicking Add To Your Facebook Page, you may follow this link.  
You will have to log in to see the page.  You, too, can create your own shop's look, discounts, coupons, or promote another shop!  Yes, you can do that, as well!  Shop from this page and receive an automatic 10% off the regular Etsy price,  (Your price is shown in green.)  The simple page looks like this, page 1 on top and a menu at the bottom that will continue with your entire Etsy Shop inventory.

Are you having trouble finding your comments or posts?  It's not a wonder.  Some one decided that it would be an excellent idea to stuff them in a box at the top of the page, where no one can see, find or read them.  There is no changing this, and yes, I, too, am not happy about it.  But if you are looking for a comment or post from a a fan, customer or friend this is where you can find them now.  This box is permanently "pinned" to the top of your page.

The box beneath the Posts and Comments is where you will find the "Likes".  These are the pages that you have liked while logged in as the Admin or while  using your Fan Page to peruse Facebook.

Everything else works pretty much the same.  You can post a status update, link to your Etsy Shop items, post pictures, and keep track of your activity and insights.  

Happy Facebooking!

Here is the link to a new open group on Linked In, Northwest Artisans Guild. I started the group in hope of connecting and networking with people closer to home.  I am the only member so far.  The purpose of the group is to network, connect, showcase your art, work, wares, photography, what have you, and most important it is to share and exchange ideas and to have fun!  Help will be offered to all who ask.  Jewelry designers, painters, sculptors, artists, artisans, craftspeople of all kinds are welcome.

We have launched Ravens Nook!  There are items up for sale on the site and as always custom work is welcome.  We take requests.  This weekend I will be chained in the dungeon, I mean sitting at the work table crafting some new, dark and unique items for your perusal.

Did you know that there is now a Youtube Channel for T.A.V.?  That's right.  We have created a Youtube channel for Jewelery Tutorials.  There is only one video up now, but we plan on adding some basic ones soon.  In the mean time you can check out Jump Rings 101, it is uploaded, and playable.

Remember you can find any or all of these links on the right hand side menu bar.  We even have a video bar, right on the menu, you can watch the video without leaving the page. How cool is that?

What Customers are saying about the Alchemists Vessel: (remarks taken from Feedback on the Etsy Shop.)

"Just received my order today, and I simply couldn't be more satisfied! The packaging and shipping protection was great, the product was in perfect condition and appeared exactly as it was shown in your shop. I received my package in a timely manner and was given a printout of my order. Thank you so very much for your professionalism! I will be sure to recommend your store & products to every crafter/beader/maker/creator I know! I also plan to buy again and often in the near future. Again, many thanks and much appreciation for your excellent service and quality!" ~ Sincerely, Rainbow C. Lavendar

"Beautiful large beads! Thrilled with my purchase!!! Thank You!"

"The cinnabar pieces are awesome!!!!" ~ C.R.S.

If you made it to the end of this blog, CONGRATULATIONS!  As a special Happy Ending, if you enter the Coupon Code: LUCKYME, now through March 18th, on The Alchemists Vessel Etsy Shop you'll receive 10% off your order.  Keep an eye out, for more incentives and sales available only to those that read the blog, you don't have to follow it, but you have to read it to find those goodies!
As always,  thank you for stopping in and having a look.  Since it is Friday as well, we would like to wish you a pleasant and wonderful weekend.

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