Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's New In My Shop - Cafe Press

I am not currently working on any new items in the shop as to speak. Getting ready for the monthly Market at the local Fair Grounds and Exposition Buildings, in lovely Garden City, Idaho, takes a lot of time and effort when you're a one-woman band.

However, we do have a new shop.  It is different from the jewelry I create.  Many Moons ago I designed and drew simple and stylized graphic versions of the Zodiac symbols for fun (and I admit, profit).  Having forgotten about them, I came across them searching through a computer disk looking for something else.  I love it when buried treasure appears out of no where!  Not wishing to attempt to stock the house with yet more stuff, but wanting to do something with them, I have opened a cafe press store.  You can find it by following the link in this post, or by clicking the "Shop Cafe Press" link in the menu to your right.

The cool thing about Cafe Press is that you can have pretty much any graphic printed on any item you want.  There is a huge selection to choose from on the site, from T-shirts to Teddy Bears, Wall Clocks, puzzles, and accessories abound!  All printed with the version of your Sun Sign.  All twelve signs may be found there and I intend to see about getting other items up for printing or customizing as well.  Currently working on a popular motif, Skulls, I'm sketching in a very stylized Rabbit...  Below are the twelve designs I created.  As public domain, any one may play with and finagle the images.  These are mine, and belong to me, and may only be used outside the sales or shop sites with the express written consent of The Alchemists Vessel and the owner, proprietor.

The Alchemists Vessel on Cafe Press

All twelve signs are included.  As soon as I figure out how to get these changed or configured to be appropriate art flash for dark material for the site, I'll do that too. Right now they are available in Black Print on Light Shirts and Sweats.  Although there are all kinds of items in the shop, from Cell Phone covers to Lap top skins, stationery, stuffed critters, bits, baubles and decor.

The Zodiac beings with Aries.
 Aries, the Ram - Symbol represents the Horns and nose of a Ram or the brows and nose of a human face

Taurus, the Bull - Symbol represents the Horns and head of a bull, or the chin and throat of the human form, it is also a representation on a rising moon over a full sun, or over the earth, depending on culture.

Gemini, the Twins - Symbol represents the lungs of the human body.

Cancer, the Crab - Symbol represents the out stretched claws of a crustacean. 
Leo, the Lion - Symbol represents a sleeping cat, a lion in repose, the head, back and finally the tail.

Virgo, the Virgin - Symbol represents the female reproductive organs (closed). In some cultures it represents sheaves of wheat that have been harvested and bundled.

Libra, the Scales - Symbol represents a set of scales in balance,it is also the representation of the sun rising over a horizon.

Scorpio, the Scorpion - Symbol represents the male reproductive organs, it also mimics the movement of a Scorpion, the extended "swish" being the tail or stinger of the Scorpion.

Sagittarius, the Archer - Symbol represents the human knee in motion, or an arrow in flight.

Capricorn, the Sea Goat - Represents the head of a Goat and tail of Fish, sometimes called the Terrestrial Goat.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer - Symbol represents energy or flowing water

Pisces, the Fish - Symbol represents two fish, tied together.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

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