Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Studio Shuffle - What's Going On At The Workbench

Happy Middle of the Week to you all!

After last weeks fun with Cuttlebone Casting,  I took a little break and did something simple.  Sort of.

Occasionally I will buy Estate Jewelry in bulk, usually it's pretty much costume jewelry that is broken or will be taken apart for its bits and pieces.  Every once in a great while I come across something exceptional, a wonderful surprise of promising buried treasure.

I failed to take a photo of the piece before I took it apart.  But the thought of blogging about it didn't occur to me until the piece had been re-worked and finished.  Oops!  Also I have come to find out that the Photo Editor on my computer is having problems, so I have been reduced to attempting to take pictures with the cell-phone's camera.  Not and easy feat!

"Blue Tile" is the up-cycled outcome of the salvaged necklace.  Originally 18" long, with clusters of glass baubles and several damaged tiles.  It was attractive, but I saw potential for something unique and interesting.

I removed the damaged pieces and the clusters of glass beads, cleaned and polished each tile, restoring the mirror finish and high shine.  Using the original jump rings and clasp I re-linked each tile individually, re-creating the necklace.  It now looks like this.

Description: A fabulous piece for Egyptian, Southwestern or Turquoise admirers. Occasionally I purchase Estate Sale Jewelry in bulk, and every once in a while something exceptional appears. This absolutely gorgeous necklace is up-cycled from its original 18" length. Damaged tiles, links, pieces and clustered glass doo-dads were removed, the original parts salvaged and re-created as this fabulous and unique 15-1/2" necklace.

Would make a wonderful alternative for a December Birthday!

Other things going on in the Studio:

I made my second ring, and the first one I am willing to put in the shop for sale.  After a lot of practice and several failed attempts I have something that I think I really like!  I need to make more, I am obsessed with the process now.

Hot off the anvil

Description: Hand forged Sterling Silver and genuine Malachite ring. Size 6 - 6-1/2. Will fit pinky or ring finger.

Would make a wonderful alternative for May Birthdays!

Created with Sterling Silver sizing stock (stamped "Sterling"), sterling silver bezel and sterling silver jewelry solder (for attachments and accent swirls). Genuine Malachite cabochon is 6mm, setting is 7.5mm to 8mm. Sterling silver wire has been used to create the swirl accents on the sides, they are soldered to the sides of the shank. The shank has been soldered at the bottom to keep the double strands together.

All elements of this ring have been crafted by hand, the cabochon stone was purchased through a gemstone supplier and is A grade Malachite.

Detail Photos

Next weekend is also the first Market of the season, we are getting prepared and packed to attend! 

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant work week.

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