Monday, August 13, 2012

New Shopping Items - Halloween and More Preview

Monday, it is here just like every week.

As always Monday is the New Items Showcase, and are there new items for you!

Halloween, my favorite holiday.  I like it better than Christmas, and this year I have some eerie and spooky things to offer.  Slowly but surely these cadaverous cuties will be appearing in the shop.

All of the items listed below may be found on the Ravens Nook
page in the Etsy store.

Mr. Skull Head

Description:  Simple and spooky, these tiny tiny skull charms are perfect for those that want to be spooky without having to wear huge items. Much smaller than a dime and short, great for a little holiday fun at the office, too. Perfect for Pirates, too!

Sterling Silver Skull charms head pins and fish hook style ear wire.

Detail Photo - Mr. Skull Head is very, very tiny...


Description:  Mina Harker, beloved of two men, one not for this Earth. Perhaps a gift bestowed to lovely lady by the Count himself. Garnet beads, perhaps representing love or life's blood, rest atop Sterling Silver Bat charms, a most recognized symbol. Cute and just right for any Thrall, Vampy-Vamp or aspiring Elvira.

Sterling Silver Bat charms, genuine Garnet and Sterling Silver accent beads complete the pair. Suspended from Sterling Silver fish hook style ear wires.

Bat Charm Detail:

 Description:  Cute, and perfect for Goth, Rocker or Halloween Haunter. Sterling Silver Bats fly beneath pretty genuine Jet beads. Just right for Elvira's, Vampiria's, Raynes's and Brides of Dracula! Halloween is just around the corner, jazz up that costume with this super frightfully fun pair of earrings.

Sterling Silver Bat charms and genuine Jet beads with Sterling Silver accent beads and Fish Hook ear wires.


Description:  Arachne - The Weaver. Myth tells us that Arachne was a maiden of great skill with weaving, however, she offended the goddess Athena who transformed Arachne into a spider. It is the basis of the word Arachnid. And isn't she lovely in Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Spider charms dangle from Sterling Silver threads of jump rings and accented Sterling Silver and with genuine Jet beads. Suspended from Sterling Silver ear wires. 

Description:  Tiny Sterling Silver skulls and Jet beads are unique and undead adorable in this pair of earrings. Great for Goths, Rockers, Halloween or Necromancers of all kinds!

Sterling Silver skull charms, accent beads and fish hook ear wires are paired with shiny black genuine Jet beads.

We are also bringing back the Zodiac Charms for one more go around.  Different designs options are available.

Virgo - Sterling Silver and Genuine Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Description: Virgo - The sign of the Virgin. These fun and funky earrings are great for September Birthdays, Boho styles or for the Astrology fan.

Sterling Silver Virgo sign pictoglyph charms dangle from sterling silver findings with a genuine Lapis Lazuli bead as a center focal point. Lapis Lazuli is a stone truth, enlightenment, wisdom and of Royalty.  A fine alternative to Sapphire.  Suspended from Sterling silver fish hook style ear wires.

Available in all twelve (12) Zodiac signs and alternative design.

These are different and fun.

Description: Nothing but Sterling Silver and Stars. Just for fun because they are pretty, imaginative, and everybody likes the twinkle in the night sky. Great for your favorite astronomer.

Sterling Silver findings, Star Charms and Fish Hook style ear wires.

Description: 18" total length this powerful and attractive necklace is part of our "Gems For Gents" collection. Hand selected gorgeous genuine Lapis Lazuli resembles those well worn and loved favorite pair of jeans, Black Onyx reminds one of a soft cotton T-shirt or a Leather Jacket with silver accents. Masculine, strong and sturdy, this makes a great casual accessory or a dapper extra for office attire.

Would make a fabulous September birthday present, it makes a wonderful alternative to Sapphire. Deep blue in color it is the stone of truth and enlightenment, wisdom and royalty, said to create a feeling of harmony and balance within the wearer.
Detail Photo 

Description:  In the dreamy dark of a garden at twilight, a pensive maiden wanders through the mauve haze of roses lost in thought. Evoking images of English gardens and Gothic maidens the vintage hand painted Rose motif beads make this an eye-catching beauty. This stunning and unique necklace is One of A Kind.

Three Vintage mauve hand-painted Rose motif beads are the focal point the the necklace, surrounded by genuine Black Onyx rondelles and interrupted by silver spacer beads strung on Tiger Tail beading wire. Finished with a Silver plated Toggle clasp.

Detail Photo:
 You can see the brush strokes on the hand-painted and glazed beads.

Vox - Carnelian and Black Onyx Genuine Gemstone Necklace

Description: Vox is Latin for Voice. Perfect for the Front Man! From the "I'm in the Band" collection for our Mens Jewelry line is this absolutely gorgeous and powerful necklace.

Would make a wonderful July Birthday present.

Carnelian is a Chalcedony (pronounced Kal-SID-ney) a member of the quartz family. It is associated with the sun and Autumn, it is said to allow a speaker to become eloquent and bold. A stone of protection and is sometimes considered a stone of Royalty. Traditionally worn to enhance, passion love and desire.

Black Onyx Fortifies Self confidence, sharpens your senses and promotes a healthy ego.

Shining Armor 

Description:  The gallant knight! What do we think of when we play Princess as little girls? Knights in Shining Armour, of course! Your knight will look fierce and foreboding wearing this simple and shiny piece of chainmaille. Yes, it is Armour. 18" total length and just right for any Knight out on the village! Perfect for Costumes or SCA attendees. Appropriate for women as well. Heavy duty, strong and supple.

Scaled down to jewelry size this necklace is woven in the Half-Persian 4-in-1 Chainmaille weave. Silver Plated jump rings and matching Lobster Claw clasp complete the chain.

All of these fabulous things may be found by following the links or just visiting The Alchemists Vessel.  Available via the Facebook Fan Page as well.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

Remember custom orders are always welcome.  Send us an e-mail and tell us what we can do to help make you shine!

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant work week.

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