Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In My Studio At The Work Bench Wednesday

Good Morning,

The middle of week arrives, bright, shiny and hot!  It has been over 100 degrees here in the lovely City of Trees, and yesterday the high was a scorching 105!

I am so glad that there is air-conditioning in the office / work area.

I have been working on a number of things, including the fourth module or unit of my own class.  Excited about finishing up one or two of the graded assignments as well.

Currently we are designing a line of rugged, strong, handsome, durable and sustainable jewelry for men.  Gemstones, Chainmaille, and natural materials for bold, solid, statement pieces that work well for costume or casual attire.  We are also working on a line of finer jewelry accessories like tie-tacks and rings and are in hope of showcasing those items soon.

Primitive and  rustic is "Thane", an Antiqued Bronze and genuine Pyrite necklace woven in the Full Persian Chainmaille weave.  Perhaps the Badge of Honor or Mark of Rank with in the Clan or Village.  The pendant is a genuine Pyrite "Doughnut" left in a natural state with pits and polish along the surface.  (I said PITS).  A natural Pyrite oval bead accents the center of the pendant.  The toggle clasp is manufactured and fits the style of the chain well.

*The word Thane usually means any person holding an aristocratic status somewhere between Baron and Freeman under an Anglo-Saxon Lord.

Antiqued Bronze jump rings are linked together in the Full Persian Chainmaile weave, formed by beginning on either side of the pendant and ending in a double-loop toggle clasp closure. 

Detail: The genuine Pyrite Doughnut has been strung on Jeweler's Bronze (Merlin's Gold) wire, and a genuine Pyrite bead has been centered as an accent, creating a unique and interesting focal point.

The Full Persian Chainmaille weave is intricate and beautiful.  Strong and supple, it feels smooth when running a hand along the surface.  It has the  appearance of interlocking individual units, although the chain is created two jump rings at a time.

The Toggle clasp is a simple and sturdy closure.  A bar is attached to two lengths of chain in this style and it's circular "lock" is attached to the opposite end of the chain, the bar is slipped through the circle and holds itself in place, as seen here.   This particular toggle clasp works exceptionally well with this chainmaille weave it allows for the double row of jump rings to remain consistent and even, ensuring a balanced and secure fit.

Also along the same rustic and primitive lines is a piece I haven't decided what to title it yet.  Based on a Rohirric ideal of design is "Horse Lord".  

Created using natural bone carved into to a horse head toggle clasp is just the start of my version of what is commonly called a "Torq" (also spelled Torc and Torque).  A Torq consists of long strands of metal that have been twisted or woven together to form a rope, the ends are capped with balls, squares, and sometimes the heads of animals worked or cast in metal.  Some torqs were meant to be worn for life and were very difficult to remove if made of metal bars bent in to shape and closed or secured with heavy metal end caps.  Many modern jewelers still use a method of twisting or weaving metal strands sometimes called "Viking Knitting".  This piece is a twist on the traditional design idea, incorporating chainmaille instead of strands and a toggle clasp for easy on off, instead of a permanent adornment.  A work in progress there is only about 3-1/2" total completed.  The two inches of chain is Antiqued Copper spun in a smaller diameter for a sleeker look.

Highly detailed carved natural bone Horse Head toggle clasp, its mate is a round piece of bone shaped to fit over and rest with the curve of the neck.  May be worn in front, back or on the side to show off this very handsome and well done equine portrait.

The other side of the toggle.  Mouth, nose (even nostrils), mane, eye, and ears are easily seen.  The eye has been painted with a tiny dot of black for definition.  The short length of chain beginning the Torq can also be seen.

Soon to be listed for sale.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant rest of the workweek.

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