Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Great Gifts For Giving

Tuesday, one of my favorite blog days!  I get to check out all the cool stuff and the neat shops to bring you Five nifty items.  Gifts for you, a loved one, special occasions, birthdays or just because you want to show some one you care.  

I can count!  Today I offer an extra Gift to Give, some of these are so wonderful I can't post jut one!  We have two offerings from each shop today.  A returning shop, and some new folks to check out too.

I usually don't gush over items, but these are so cute!  Somebody snap these up before I do!  There are several to choose from, and the hoops are adorable.  Would make a fabulous addition to any Steampunk's jewelry box or Girlie-Girl wardrobe.

From: Sues Arts



Amazingly gorgeous, elegant, classy and chick Swarovski crystals chandelier earrings.

Delivered in a gift bag.

Custom orders welcome.

Thanks for looking.

and to go with those fabulous earrings...

Description: Gorgeous cluster necklace created out of Swarovski crystals. Very sparkly, elegant, dressy and unique.

Bow is removable.

Delivered in a gift bag.

Custom orders welcome.

New Shops to Check out!  And are these wire-wrappings cool!  Cobra's and Butterflies and other things!  Oh my!

This is a very clever design, and it really does resemble a Cobra.

From Diana Ir

Description: Beautiful copper wire wrapped cobra snake pendant with a lapis lazuli stone bead.  It is 6.5 cm long and 1.8cm wide. 

This one just fascinates me... How'd she do that????  Reminiscent of Arwen's pendant from Lord of the Rings, is Diana's

 Description: A reinterpretation of the stunning necklace worn by Arwen in LOTR.
Copper wire wrapped, with small beads, measuring 6cm long and 3.5cm wide

Alrighty Mad Hatters and other Tea Teetotalers!  These are for you!  Elevenses, High Tea or just a cup because you want one, these English Tea cups are bound to make tea taste better!

Description: An unusual tea cup trio by Meakin. The set includes a teacup, saucer and cake plate. This set is really beautiful and is in a matte lustre finish which is unusual for teacups. This gives it a lovely silk like feeling to the cup. The motif is a pink flower with a mint green/ blue type colour and green leaves. The motif is also inside the tea cup. The actual shape of the teacup is also unusual for this design.

Very elegant and in great condition. Would be lovely for afternoon tea.

Description: A 1950's teacup trio including teacup, saucer and cake plate.  Made in the 1950's by Duchess.  English Bone China with gilt edges.

Violet/ Viola flowers motif on teacup as well as saucer and cake plate. Very dainty and beautiful. The teacup is footed.

Condition: Mint Condition. Looks as if it has not been used. No cracks, rubbing or chips.

More available on request if you are looking for a pair or a set. Please contact me.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a wonderful day.

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