Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Studio News - The Alchemists Vessel's Five (5) Star Rating

Good Morning,

Wednesday the day that isn't quite the beginning of the week and isn't quite the end of week, an odd day, but a good day.

This morning I would like to re-introduce The Alchemists Vessel's various websites and other things going on in and around the studio and the physical store.

The Alchemists Vessel has a website, two on line stores to shop, and a blog, well of course it does, you're reading it.

The on line stores are on Etsy and

Etsy has a bad habit of changing things around on you, rather like Facebook, it is annoying and most frustrating at times.  However on occasion the changes, though not necessarily beneficial, they can be interesting.  This newest change is kind of neat and can be found on the menu bar to the left of the shop window.  The photo below is taken from the Administration Section of the shop.

Although the rating is not truly accurate on the shop's page, Etsy has dropped 14 of my followers, and 9 reviews, The Alchemists Vessel still looks pretty good.  The store boasts 124 Admirers, 102 Sales, 86 of which have reviews, 57 of which have additonal comments, and only the most recent 48 are shown.  Disappointing to say the least, but it's nice to know that the Vessel has a five (5)  Star rating.  The ratings are taken from the information above as left by customers, the shop has nothing to do with its own rating at all. I am very pleased!

Little Shop of Artists is coming along nicely and we hope to fill the store from floor to ceiling with more unique and wonderful items for your gift giving needs.

With the Holidays right around the corner we have some fun things coming up at the shop in October.  Septemeber is dedicated to organizing all these things, and we will be open for shopping!

Entertainment and Fun at Little Shop of Artists
Open Haunted House
Spooky Earring Class **to be announced before Halloween.
Henna Tattoos
Tarot Readings 
and more...

Hope to see you there. 

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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