Thursday, August 8, 2013

Linkapolooza 2 - Social Media Sites

Good Morning,

Today we deviate a little and change up the day's Featured Artist with places where you can feature your own art or others or your site, band, brand, or what have you.  Many of these may be found to the right, click on the icon or button to check them out.

rebelmouse - This is a cool one stop, sign up and forget it site.  Rather like Pintrest, it is a page of just the things you choose to have post on the site.  The great thing about rebelmouse is that you can connect it to all your favorite Facebook pages, as well as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google +, Flickr and others.  Post on a Facebook page, and it automatically posts to your rebelmouse page.  Tweeted something did you?  It will post automatically to your rebelmouse page.  You don't have to click OK or do anything else, post it once and rebelmouse will take care of the rest.  It is also free, and yes they have paid upgrades, too.

Twitter- I know I don't have to explain Twitter.  For the longest time I refused to have an account, I thought it was silly. However as a marketing tool, it does have its perks.  Short snippets of information can be sent out and reach your market quickly.  Made something new, having a sale, want to share a new venture?  A short sentence and a hash-tag # topic or a directed tweet @ someone, you can reach a whole new audience.  You may also tweet pictures and videos.  Quick simple way to advertize your art, services, sales, brand, music, or whatever.

linkedin:   Since I first joined, they have changed the way they do things on the site.  Not a bad site, but there is little interaction unless someone wants to connect with you and grow their "Professional Network".  Linked in used to connect directly to a blog or page, they no longer offer that and instead want you to go post over there.  However, they have made it possible to post pictures, upgrade your projects, and get connected with more people, if you are into social networking, there are groups available to join, and tailored to your specific profession.

Maven: Is a professional consultations and networking site.  The idea here is to get connected with other professionals, as well as connect with people that might be looking for services.  You may click this link and check it out for yourselves.  Their pages make more sense than any brief explanation I try here.

Other sites to check out:
It's Better Handmade
On Fire For Handmade 
The Craft Star

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  In hope that one of these may be of use or beneficial to you.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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  1. thanks for the links...I have heard of rebelmouse, but wasn't sure what it was, and I have never heard of delicious.