Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Things and DIY Fun

Good Morning,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, like dental emergencies, Little Shop of Artists is closed today.  We will be open Thursday through Sunday!  Stop by and check out the new items in the shop, including hand-painted trinket boxes.

These simple, fun and cute little wood boxes lend themselves to any number of uses.  I found mine at an art supply store.


Wood Box - 1
Paint Brush - 1 (Medium sized flat bristle for good coverage)
Sea Sponge / Stippler / Foam Headed Pouncer - pick one or use all
Two (2) Colors of Acryalic Paint (Artists Choice) - Three is a good maximum, don't want your box getting "muddy".
Paper Towels (dry your brushes or remove excess paint)
News Paper (protect your work surface)
Gloss-Luster Finish Mod-Podge - Sealant 
Sandpaper (Optional) - Recommended if the wood is rough.

First find a box, any box will do.  Round, square, oval, hinged, not hinged, lid or no lid.  It should be wood or other paint-able surface.

If the surface of the box feels rough, sand it lightly with 120 Grit or higher sandpaper until it feels smoother beneath your finger.  Remember to sand with the grain of the wood.

I highly recommend using a base or sealer first.  I used Gesso, a product used to prepare the surface of canvas (in this case wood) for acrylic paint.

Welcome to the Studio or "The Dungeon" as my Mom likes to call it.  Pardon the mess, but I really do work here!

Using a brush, I painted the outside of the lid and sides of the box with a light coat of Gesso.

Next (and this is the fun part, it is messy, too, I love that!)

Choose a base color ( I chose black for this box) and with a Sea Sponge, "Stippler", or Foam Tiped "Pouncer" - Dab, daub, dot, blot, pounce, press, push, shmush and down right smash that chosen tool all over the box, until you have covered the surface and it is a pattern you like.

Remember to work quickly. Do not over wet the sponge or other tool, use just enough water to get the paint is moving. (Use news paper to protect your work surface).

Allow to dry thoroughly. Acrylic paint dries fairly fast, allow about ten to fifteen minutes in between coats, or touch test, if it is still tacky (sticky) to the touch allow it to dry a little more.

With your second color (I chose Crimson), fill your tool and go over the surface of your box until it is covered or it has the desired effect or pattern you like.

Allow you box to dry once again.

Last step, I recommend NOT skipping this, it not only seals the wood, but will help protect your pretty art work.

Using a clean brush, paint the exterior of the box with a light coat of Mod-Podge in Gloss-Lustre Finish. Allowing the box to dry thoroughly in between coats will assure no smudges or dragging of the paint will occur when finishing your box. Allow to dry one more time.

Your box, she is complete! You may if you so choose allow the box to dry and paint the bottom, or using a spray adhesive and a scrap piece of material adhere the material to the bottom of the box and cut it away until it is flush with the edges of the box. Line the inside with something if you like. Put your secret stash, treasure or basic stuff in your finished trinket box and tuck it on a shelf or a dresser or wherever might need a little a color in your world.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look. This box, and more are available at Little Shop of Artists.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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