Monday, August 19, 2013

Knits, Jewelry, And A Class Or Two

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Monday is here, and Little Shop of Artists is closed today.

Last week in the shop the Striped Scarf demonstration project was finished and we made a pair of earrings.

The completed scarf.  Finishing includes weaving in the ends (stray lengths of string used to create the stripes), washing and blocking the scarf.  At 94.5" inches long it is worthy of Dr. Who, and although the pattern got away from me at the end, I am also very fond of unique and interesting knits.  "Punctuation Mark" ends in a reverse of the original striped pattern and adds a bit of flair to an otherwise pretty, but kind of boring scarf.

As classroom / in-store demonstration a pair of earrings have been created using manufactured items you may find at your local craft or art supplies store.


1 Pair of Ear Wires
1 Set of Round Findings (7 Drop - 7 holes in the finding)
16 Jump Rings
14 Head Pins
14 Glass Bi-cone Beads in 4, 6 and 8mm sizes
Length of Figaro (link pattern) Chain
Wire Cutters
Flat and Chain Nosed pliers
*Round Nosed pliers (used to create the "eye" for the jump ring)


Slide all beads onto the head pins (as in the photo above).
Open all 16 jump rings.
Cut equal lengths of chain as follows (use wire cutters)
4 lengths of 3 chain links
4 lengths of  5 chain links
2 lengths of 7 chain links

With the pliers, bend the head pins back at a 90 degree angle from the beads top.  Cut the head pin to about 1/4" in length.  With the ROUND NOSED pliers, grasp the end of the head pin and roll it back towards the bend in the head pin,  forming a eye (circle).  Repeat this step with the other 13 pieces.

Slide the lengths of chain onto the jump rings and leave them open,  4 rings will not have chains.

Open the circle you made at the top of the head pin.  Grasp the open edge with your pliers and gentle twist the wire to the side, opening the "eye" of the pin.  

Counting from the outer holes to the center

Starting with the 4mm beads, slide the end through a jump ring, and slide the jump ring through the first and last holes of the finding.  Repeat for the second one.

Using four 6mm beads, slide one bead onto the 3 link lengths of chain, slide 3 link chain through the jump rings and slide the jump ring through the second and fifth holes in the findings.

Using four 6mm beads, slide one bead onto the 5 link lengths of chain, slide 5 link chain through the jump rings and slide the jump ring through the second and fifth holes in the findings.

Using the two 8mm beads, thread the eye of the pin through the last link in the 7 link length of chain.  Slide the other end of chain on to a jump ring and  through the center hole of the finding.

Using the final jump rings, open them and slide the ear wires onto them, slide the jump rings through the center  holes at the top of the finding and close the ring.  Your pair is complete and ready to wear.

When you are finished you will have created a pretty pair of Chandelier style earrings.  Very fetching.

Little Shop of Artists offers classes of all types for all skill levels, beginning to advanced, we can even help you with that pesky project that just doesn't seem to be cooperating.  Come on in, have a look around, ask some questions.  We're always happy to assist you find that perfect gift or get that project back on track.

This weeks classes / demonstrations include single drop earrings and Altered T-Shirts.

Beginning Earring Class: 1-1/2 Hours - $15.00 per person - Materials Supplied and include Ear Wires, Head Pins and a variety of beads in glass, acrylic and genuine gemstones.
Call the shop (208) 794-8317 or send us an e-mail

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Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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