Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Montage with an Announcement

Good Morning,

We're back!  After a lovely week in San Francisco, California, and a great drive across Nevada and through Oregon, The Alchemist is refreshed and ready for work! 

I arrived in time for a couple of neat things, although I did not attend due to schedule and other obligations.  The Golden Gate Bridge had its 75th Anniversary.  Did you know that the color of the bridge is primer?  That's right, that distinct orange color is primer!  It takes about two years to paint the bridge from San Francisco to the Waldo Tunnel ("Rainbow Tunnel" for the locals) and they start all over again.  The bridge is constantly being painted.  Happy Birthday to a fabulous icon of The City.  (Don't call it "Frisco".)

The Gold Dust Lounge, one of San Fransisco's oldest establishments (1933-2012), had to close its doors at the original location on Powell Street, downtown, a friend and I had the pleasure of stopping in on the last day for a drink.  We even got T-shirts!  Never fear they are opening a new location.  Locals be on the look out for it in the North Beach neighborhood, (I think).

If you are in The City, downtown, around 6th and Market, check out Tu Lan's.  A tiny hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant.  Delicious food, and if you have never had a Vietnamese Coffee, go there just for that!  Yummy!

There isn't anything new in the shop, I have been busy filling out orders and organizing some of the new things I purchased on my trip.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Alchemists Vessel is pleased to announce that we are now "Mobile".  Now accepting SQUARE as a payment option!  Slide your card and sign on the Android screen and you are on your way!  Simple, safe and secure, quick, easy and convenient!  Your receipt can even be e-mailed to you!

The schedule is jammed to the gills with new things to make, classes to teach (and those projects to create), the Northwest Motorfest Auto Show is coming up July 14th and 15th, 2012, and inventory is required for that, and I still have my own classes and examinations to take as well.  Whew!

Well be back tomorrow with some cool ideas for Summer.

Thank you for stopping by and having a read.  The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant work week.

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