Friday, June 29, 2012

Promotions and Links Friday

Friday has arrived, and what a lovely day this morning promises.

Next week is not only my friend, Kelly's, Birthday, but it is also Independence Day, more commonly known as the 4th of July.  I have not decided if there will be a post or not, I am still debating the issue with myself.

With the holiday and people preparing for their family festivities, there isn't much going on around these here parts, but I do have a promotion and a link for a local business.


July 13th - 15th at Expo Idaho (formerly the Western Idaho Fairgrounds) 5610 Chinden Blvd.

Admission is $7.00

Idaho's largest car show/event and 3rd largest throughout the Pacific Northwest! Well over 1,000 hot rods, muscle cars, classics and antiques parked on the grass. This automotive event is more like a state or county fair. Northwest Motorfest is family-friendly and alcohol-free. Complete details on website.

In conjunction with the Motorfest in the Expo Building will be the
I believe entrance is free if you attend the Motorfest and show your ticket stub at the door.  The Alchemists Vessel will be in attendance with lots of new items for your shopping pleasure.

Located in beautiful Boise, ID, this group of fine young men have opened a new parlor for Tattoo and Piercings, not only that, but the shop has become an art gallery of sorts, each artist has paintings and drawing for sale, original and unique art work lines the walls.  You can play an XBox game while you wait for your adornment or accessory.  Professional and experienced, you can't go wrong at Skin Deceptions.  Not only have they done my own artwork, but they are personal friends as well.

Check out their Facebook page and give them a like, they would appreciate it.

Thank you for stopping by and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a most pleasant and relaxing weekend.

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