Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Studio Time - Class Projects from Jo-Ann Fabrics

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As many of you know I occasionally have the pleasure of teaching / instructing a class at Jo-Ann's Fabrics, and also involved in the process of getting my own classes started up as well.

Today I thought we would take a brief look at a Jo-Ann's Class Project.  All the materials for these were purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics, 1085 Milwaukee, Boise, ID.

Dare To Dangle Earrings

Class Session: 1
2 Hours 
Skill Level: 2

Jo-Ann's List of Materials:
Stone Chips bead tube - Quartz Mix
24 Gauge Wire
Ear Wires (Hooks)
Jump Rings

I used 
Stone Chips bead tube - Quartz Mix
22 Gauge Wire (Sterling Silver Plated Copper)
Ear Wires (Hooks)
Jump Rings

Stone Chips are threaded on to a length of wire (Sterling Silver Plated Copper in 22 Gauge).  The wire is twisted back on itself to form a loop, adding one Stone Chip at a time, the bead and wire wrap around the base stones to form a cluster.  Simple, pretty and may be done in any color or selection of Stone Chip Beads.  These are genuine Semi-Precious stones and include, Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and other varieties of quartz.


This is a super simple and easy project that makes a cute pair of earrings.  I like this project because it is totally "organic" and very primitive in nature.  The Craft-person decides on stones and designs the earrings as they go along, the wire wraps naturally (where it wants to) around the beads dictated by the bead shape, creating and additional element to the design. Class Space for this project and others are still available.   This Saturday, June 9th,  1:00pm - 3:00pm, Jo-Ann Fabrics will be having an "Open House" classes are 50% Off for in-store registration, and completed projects will be on display!

There will also be other projects on display as well as other instructors and Jo-Ann team members are always there to help!

Other Projects Available - August
"Crystal Life Bracelet" - using Swarovski elements
"Pearls of Time Watch" - using Glass Pearls and a Watch Face
"Pearl" Earrings -using wire and a Glass Pearls to match the Watch.
There is one more pair of earrings that classes will be given for as well.  Come on down and check it out.

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The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a wonderful Wednesday.

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