Monday, September 16, 2013

New items in the Store

Good Morning,

Today's blog is short ans sweet.  

A news item or two.

Yesterday, Sunday September 15, 2013, the front parking lot at the shop was repaved.  Little Shop of Artists will be open again Wednesday September 18th or, Thursday, September 19th, this week.

The shop will finally have a computer.   Although it is my personal laptop, services such as shopping an artists on-line shop or site can be done in-store.

We have several new items in the shop including two Fine Art photographic prints from Elton Nesselrodt, they are lovely riverside landscapes, matted and framed.

Autumn is here next week and the weather is turning as are the leaves.  The shop has ventured past jewelry and art-wear to hand-knitted items as well.  This is the very first item I have knit for sale.

"Camouflage" is now finished and for sale, if you have been knitting along with the project, the finishing steps and final touches will be discussed in Wednesday's blog.  Now available in the shop.
$30.00 Hand-Knit Acrylic Full Length His / Her Scarf

Shown here for length / pattern detail.  The scarf has been hand-washed and blocked, the ends taper as the triangles throughout the length of the scarf.

We are in hopes of having several pairs of these cute and feminine Wrist Warmers in shop soon.  Two styles are available "Ruffly Muffatees" and "Texters" - What the heck is a Muffatee?  If you remember your Beatrix Potter you will know that Benjamen's Bunny's Mother had to knit them for a living.  Well that doesn't explain what it is though.  Muffatees are short fingerless gloves of a short.  Many fashion-forward young ladies in the Goth and Steam Punk Fashion scenes will use socks, minus the foot for these fashionable and cute accessories.  In the Victorian era, layering clothes was essential to stay warm in the winter.  Trying to do things in mittens is next to impossible, but "muffatees" allowed you to keep your hands warm and your fingers free for work.

This pair is mine and an example of the Ruffly Muffatee.  They look great under a denim jacket as the ruffle peek-a-boo's from the cuff, and adds a pop to color to the otherwise sometimes dreary Winter attire and grey cloudy days.

Either style would make a great Christmas Gift.

Ruffly Muffatees: $24.00 / pair.

Texters are simple knitted tubes about 7" long with a knitted Thumb-Hole at one side, leaving fingers free for texting and keeping your hands warm at the same time.  Great for driving too.  Currently available in Turquoise (Mint Blue) Acrylic Yarn.

Texters: $20.00 / pair.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


  1. what great new are very talented. :-)

  2. Thank you so much. I love to knit and usually just do it for myself. This was fun, I may try a smaller project again.