Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KAL with Alix - Camouflage Scarf Session 2

Good Morning, 

Today we continue our Knit-A-Long Short Row Scarf with Alixandra Browning of The Alchemists Vessel and current Independent Contractor at Little Shop of Artists.

If you have been following along you should be finished with the first ball of yarn by now.  If you are just joining us, do not fear, you may find the Free Pattern instructions and materials and notions at KAL with Alix Camouflage Scarf from Wednesday, September 4, 2013, of this blog.

After completing the first ball, I have a total of 19 triangles, yours may vary.  My scarf measures 21-1/2" long, again yours may vary.

Today we have photo demonstrations of how to wrap and pick up a wrapped stitch.

Adding the second ball.  This is simple.  Drop the last of the yarn from the first ball when it finished.   Continue knitting the pattern with the new ball from the beginning of the row.  

To Pick Up a Wrapped Stitch

As before knit to the correct number of stitches noted in the pattern and slip the next stitch.

The horizontal bar beneath the stitch and even with the needle is what you want to "pick up" with your LEFT hand needle.

The bar has been picked up and you are ready to slide your needle into the stitch in the RIGHT hand needle.

Knit the stitch.

The completed stitch.

What happened:  When a row of knitting is incomplete and worked in other / opposite direction, it will leave a hole in the next row knit to the end or over the skipped stitches.  Wrapping and Picking Up the Wrapped stitch fills the hole in the work.

How To Wrap A Stitch

As before knit to correct number of stitches.

Slip the next stitch to the right hand needle without knitting it.


Bring the yarn from the back of the work to the front of the work.

Slip the stitch back to the Left hand needle

And bring the yarn to the back of the work

You have made a horizontal bar at the bottom of the stitch.  The stitch is now wrapped.

Turn your work around, so it faces the opposite direction.

Slip the first stitch on the left hand needle to the right hand needle.

Purl the next stitch and to the end of the row.

Here you can see the detail of the short row triangles, as you knit back and forth,  both sides will look the same, a stockinette stitch and a garter stitch triangle will appear alternately along the length of material.

Once you have finished your second ball of yarn you should have approximately 42 Triangles and your scarf should measure about 47" long.

My scarf (due to yarn shortage of the first ball) currently consists of 40 triangles and is 45-1/4" long and 6-1/2"wide.  Your measurements may vary.

NOTE:  I chose this particular pattern with this yarn due to Ombre Yarn's tendency to "pool" or to knit / work up with the color changes seeming to match.  This is apparent here, as I wanted it to do this very color pooling, you can see in the green and black heavier / concentrated areas of color throughout the scarf. 

Thank you for knitting along or just having a look

We are always happy and available to answer questions or assist knitters with the pattern

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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