Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Five Great Gifts To Give List 31

Good Morning,

We usually showcase Five Items from Five different shops around the web.  The Holidays are right around the corner, and now is the time to map out those shops and places you would like to visit.

Today we're going to do things a little bit backwards and talk about where you can find these things that are shared every Tuesday.

Why Shop At a Big Box or overpriced Department Store when you can Shop Small Business and Shop locally.

Little Shop of Artists:
6713 Fiarview Ave, Ste., B
Boise  ID, 83704

Featuring locally handmade quality good from talented people in and around the Boise, Idaho area.

Displaying Artists:
The Alchemists Vessel
Blackbird Metalworks
Wire Witchery
The Muddfip Photographer
Green Witch Handmade

Come on in and see what these folks have on display.

The links above will take you to the artists personal webpage or Etsy store.

What is Etsy?  As a friend once quipped, "Etsy, it's the world's garage sale."  That is a fairly accurate description.  Although much higher quality than your typical neighborhood Garage Sale, there is a lot to wade through.  There are thousands of shops and items of all kinds from sellers with "on-line stores" on the site Etsy.  I look at it as one big Mall.  The Big Orange Box with an E in it is the logo for Etsy, you may find a click-able icon to your left on the side menu.

Handmade Artists - handmadeartists.com is another Artist to Customer Shopping Venue that deals strictly with handmade goods.  Everything on the site is handmade from start to finish, by the seller.  You will find up-cycled items, but vintage, mass-produced or manufactured items are not allowed on the site.  A truly unique little shopping site.  You may find click-able icons to the left on the side bar menu for the sites Forum, Shops and Blog.

If you're an artists in the Boise or surrounding Treasure Valley Area we have lots of room for you to display your wares.  Monthly rental fee applies, artists keep all sales money.  Give us a call or stop by the shop, bring your work, we'd love a look and to find a place for your items in the store.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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