Monday, April 1, 2013

New Shop Department - Hardwear

Good Morning,

Monday is here and I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Weekend.

The creative process, at times, can be full of inspiration and wonder, at other times it seems to come from whatever is at hand.

This weekend there was a lot of waiting for things to cure and cool. So what's a girl to do during down time?  Poke around in the garage and see what falls off a shelf.  I have had a repair kit full of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, hardware for quite a while.  Sorting through it, I began to see potential there.  

A jump ring here, a hexagonal nut there, a washer do-dad and viola!  I had a pair of earrings.

Hexes and Os Hardware Earrings

Hexes and Os Hardware Earrings
Hexes and Os Hardware Earrings
Hexes and Os Hardware Earrings

Product Details:

Yes, you read that right, these are made out of hardware.  Hanging at 1-1/2" long from the earlobe, tiny Hexagonal nuts are linked together and end in a Washer charm.  Perfect for a little something to brighten up that boring office suit, a fun date night accessory, or terrific for Steampunk Fashionistas, Bikers and Rocker Babes!  Plus what a surprise when people "WOW!" at the fact that they are made out of hardware.  Light weight and comfortable enough to wear all day.  You won't even know you have them on.  These are truly a unique pair of earrings.
Hexoginal nuts and washers are brand new from the package and have never bee used in any machinery, tool, equipment or other construction.  Hand washed in amonia and dish-soap, hand sanded to remove any and all sharp edges, tumble polished for a great shine and hand assembled with hand spun, and cut silver plated jump rings.
Arrives boxed, ready for gift giving.
Only one pair available.

Available in both the Handmadeartsits and Etsy shops.

Hexes and O's on Etsy

Of course I couldn't stop there.  Oh no.  There is also a bracelet and a pendant, although not true Chainmaille, these pieces are fun to weave, and very different.  Other items will soon be listed and may be found in the shop department "Hardwear".  

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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