Friday, March 29, 2013

In The Studio - Malachite Earrings and Dragonscale

Good Morning,

Friday's are usually open for promotions and things that are happening around Boise.  Since it is Easter this weekend, and some festivites have been cancelled, there isn't much to promote.  So today's blog is short, and showcases two items currently being worked on in the studio.

Malachite and Sterling Silver Earrings.

These have not yet been listed for sale and I am not sure I am going to list them.  Large malachite oval cabochons have been set in Sterling Silver and are made for Pierced ears.   The materials were pre-cut and measured, and given to me as part of a job interview / skill assessment.  They measure 1" x 1/2".

This piece is not finished yet, and I am still in the process of deciding what to do with it.  At this length it would make half of a watch band, or I could continue for a full bracelet.  My concern is the weight,  silver plate over brass, makes for a dense and heavy piece.  Using 5mm and 3mm ID rings, makes for a pretty but weighty item.

Top down, the rings are stretched to their limit, to show the scale like pattern.

From different angles the piece has a different appearance, one of my favorite things about the weave.

The rings create a lovely and smooth chain, although it looks like it would be rough to the touch, it is actually very silky.

Viewed from the side the rings appear to Cris-cross, making a pretty X like pattern along the chain's edge.

The Cris-cross moves in the other direction on the other side.  Dragonscale is an intricate and beautiful weave, done in multiple or single colors, it is a conversation starter as well as a durable and functional weave.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day and a Happy Easter.

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  1. I love your malachite earrings. The weave on the chains is so cool!
    Have a fun weekend!