Monday, March 25, 2013

Simple DIY Jewelry You'll Really Wear - One

Monday is here, alas.

This morning's post is first in a series of easy do-it-yourself jewelry projects that you can do in as little or as much time as you like and the neat thing is, some are great for kids with parental super vision.

If you can close a Safety Pin you can make this simple and pretty bracelet, and no one has to know they are safety pins.

The type of Safety pin works best.  The Cord will be threaded through the holes at the top and bottom of the pin.

I did not take photos, and this is a straight forward project.


1 pkg. 1mm Elastic Beading Cord
Ample Safety Pins (wrist circumferences vary we suggest 50 or more)
Seed Beads 6.0 or larger in the color(s) of choice. Bead hole needs to fit over pin prong.
Super Glue
*6mm "Spacer" Beads (less pins will be required of beads are used)

Cut 2 pieces of the Elastic Beading Cord,  12" in length.
Tie a knot about 2" down from one end of both cords (do not tie them together).

Open a Safety pin and add beads along the prong, leave enough space to close the pin again.  Repeat with the remainder of the pins.  Be creative, play with colors, allow your imagination to design the piece for you.

Super glue the Safety Pins shut.  This way they will not open and scratch you when wearing the bracelet.

Thread a *Spacer bead, these can be glass, metal, anything you like, on one piece of cord and slide it down to the knot. 

Thread the cord through the top "hole" in the safety pin, add a spacer bead.  Sliding the Pin and Bead down the cord.

Continue adding Pins and Spacer Beads until the Pins fit around you wrist and the ends meet.

Add a final spacer bead to the cord and tie a knot keeping it in place.

With the second piece of cord, thread on one spacer bead, and thread the cord through the bottom holes of the Pins, adding spacer beads between each pin.  Work until you reach the last pin in the row.

Place a final Spacer bead on the cord.  Tie the matching ends of the cords together, closing the bracelet.  Not too tight, you want to be able to slip the bracelet on and off easily and not cut off your circulation while wearing it.

As well, you can say, "I made this."

Give it try, it takes about an hour.

Thank you for stopping in and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish a pleasant day.

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