Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Tutorial - European Speed Maille Weave

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As usual I am a day late and a dollar short, only backwards.  Unprepared for the post today, because I thought it was Friday, a tutorial will just have to suffice.

European Speed Maille Weave is a shortened version of the European 4-in-1pattern for which individual units are created and then linked together with a single jump ring.  There is no difference in the appearance of the chain, just in the way it is woven.

European Speed Maille

Materials - Enough for a nice practice piece or it makes a neat Key Chain or Purse Charm.
2 Pairs of Pliers (Flat Nosed)
39 *10mm Aluminum Jump Rings in Teal by Darice (6mm ID)
AR 3.7

*These rings are purchased from a local Craft Store and manufactured by Darice, in packages of 135 rings.  One package is plenty to create this short tutorial.  We do not recommend these rings for finished projects, but they are great for practice and color design.

Open 13 jump rings
Close 26 jump rings.
Set one open ring aside.

Place four (4) closed rings on one open ring and close the ring.  Set the unit aside for the moment.

Set up the rest of the rings, pair two closed rings with one open ring.  There will be 11 sets of rings.

Or you may place the closed rings on the open ones.  Either is fine.

Take the unit you created earlier and arrange the four loose rings so the unit looks like this.


There are now Top and Bottom Rings.

1.  Slide one open jump ring DOWN into the bottom ring and UP through the top ring.

The unit looks like this.

2.  Add two (2) closed jump rings to the open ring and close the ring.  *If you placed your closed rings on the open jump ring before sliding it through the unit just close the ring.

3.  Fold or flip the rings you just added in the same position as the previous pair.  The unit will look like this.


Repeat Step 1.

Slide one open ring DOWN into the bottom ring and UP through the top ring.

Repeat Step 2.

Add two more rings, and close the open ring.

Fold or flip the rings just added to the correct position and close the ring.  *The rings will kind of go there on their own once the chain begins to grow in length.

Pattern Notes:  The Open jump ring when added, will sit beneath the previous ring in the row.

Each of the closed rings added will fold to either side of the center ring and lay on top of the previous pair in the chain.

When you have added all of the sets, slide the last open ring (the one you set aside) down through the bottom and up through the top ring and close the ring.  This completes and locks the chain pattern into place.  Done!

I turned the tutorial into a Key Chain.

If you would like to try this pattern in other sizes or materials you can use the chart at zlosk to check out the required AR sizes.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day. 

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